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Woman Survives Husband’s Attempt To Kill Her With Help Of Apple Watch

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In a horrifying incident in the US, a woman buried alive by her husband managed to dig herself out of a shallow grave and dial 911 from her Apple Watch to seek help

42-year-old Young Sook An was discovered in a suburb about 96km southwest of Seattle by residents in the area, reported the Daily Mail.

She was found at 1am on 17 October hiding in a shed.

The woman still had duct tape wrapped around her neck, lower face, and ankles, according to JOE, a UK-based news portal.

“There was extensive bruising to her legs, arms, and head,” the report said, adding that “her clothing and hair were covered in dirt.”

On the day of the attempted murder, the woman and her husband had a fight over money and their divorce

According to their daughter, the husband has access to the house as he does his laundry there.

After the argument, the husband, Chae Kyong, attacked Young Sook and tied her using duct tape.

Young Sook, however, managed to make a 911 call with the help of her Apple Watch and sent an emergency notification to her 20-year-old daughter before her husband realised and smashed the watch with a hammer.

He then put her in a 2006 Dodge Caravan and drove her out of their house and into the woods, reported Times Now.

The 53-year-old man then stabbed the victim with a sharp object and buried her alive with a tree planted on top of the hole he had dug.

Sook recounted the horrible tragedy she experienced to the authorities

She said that she struggled to breathe inside the hole and had to keep removing dirt from her mouth.

When the authorities found her, she ran towards them, screaming and crying for help.

“She grabbed onto the deputy frantically and said, ‘My husband is trying to kill me. Help me,” Yahoo News quoted one of the law enforcement personnel as saying.

According to a Hurston County Superior Court filing, they discovered the shallow grave Rainier and Steadman Roads, along with duct tape and hair that appeared to match the woman.

“She was then taken to the hospital with severe bruises and duct tape still on her body,” the police said.

The suspect was arrested later that day and was held without bail in Thurston County jail.

The suspect was caught on surveillance footage leaving Young Sook’s home:

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