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You’ve Held An Erection Too Long & Now It Hurts. Here’s What It Means To Have Blue Balls

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Have you ever felt a sharp pain in your testicles after holding an erection for too long?

For some, the pain is so sharp that it completely hinders their movements temporarily, while others may experience prolonged discomfort from their testicles up to their lower abdominal area.

Healthy Male, an Australian national organisation specialising in men’s health, also noted that in some cases, the testicles may turn slightly blue.

According to sexologist and sexual health therapist Dr Rachael Winston — affectionately known as Dr Ray — from MUC Healthcare, the chances of men getting blue balls in their lifespan are about 20% to 30%, which means that men can experience blue balls at some point in their lives if they don’t release their sexual tension.

Don’t be alarmed if you are experiencing this. This condition, known as epididymal hypertension or more commonly as blue balls, is harmless and common among men.

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Blue balls are essentially painful or aching testicles. They occur when a man has an erection for an extended period and has no opportunity to ejaculate to relieve it.

Based on a Q&A by non-profit organisation SMSNA, during an erection, the blood flows at a more rapid pace, causing the blood vessels in the penis and testicles to enlarge.

“When you are aroused for a long period and do not climax or ejaculate, tension is built up in your epididymal area. This is what we call epididymal hypertension. It’s a kind of high-pressure state within the balls,” noted Dr Ray in an interview with SAYS.

So, how do you know whether you are experiencing blue balls? Here are the symptoms:

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– A feeling of heaviness in the testicles

– Aching in the testicles

– A dull pain in the testicles

– Swelling in the testicles

According to Insider, aside from these symptoms, you may also experience anxiety and irritability. It is also likely that you will have a strong urge to ejaculate.

When you have blue balls, there are multiple ways to get rid of the pain. One surefire and quick way is to ejaculate.

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“If you’re aroused, just masturbate. When you release the tension, the discomfort will no longer be there,” explained Dr Ray.

Meanwhile, for some guys, the pain may still linger temporarily even after ejaculating, and that’s normal.

Priority Men’s Medical also noted that having a cold shower will help to restrict the blood flow to the genitals. Other methods such as exercising or applying a warm compress may help relieve the pain as well.

Is it necessary to consult a doctor or sexual health therapist for blue balls?

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Nope, it’s not necessary.

Dr Ray noted, “There’s nothing for you to get worried about, as it’s not a serious complication. Regular masturbation will help you.”

Do note, however, if you continue to experience prolonged discomfort, dull aches, or notice swelling in your testicles, even after ejaculating, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Additionally, if you’re experiencing aching testicles, but you had no erection at all, you’re most likely not experiencing blue balls. It may be a sign of something more severe like testicular torsion, kidney stones, epididymitis, and varicocele, as noted by Medical News Today.

In a nutshell, if you’re experiencing blue balls, know that there is nothing to worry about. All you need to do is get your hands to work, and you’ll feel better in no time. 😉

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