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“Yes Or Yes” — This GE15 Candidate Says To Think TWICE Before Voting For Other Candidates

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With the 15th General Election (GE15) nearing, candidates have come forward with their manifestos and promises for the rakyat. However, one particular candidate took things to a whole new level.

Image via limlipeng (Twitter)

Lim Lip Eng, a lawyer and candidate for Pakatan Harapan, is in the running for the Kepong parliamentary seat. Unlike many others, he decided to take a different route in his political campaign by tweeting a poster depicting him with members of K-pop group, TWICE.

Sat beside Tzuyu while he eats a bowl of what we can assume is curry mee, the poster is a parody of him ‘collaborating’ with the global superstars for a ‘Special PRU15 Single’ titled Formula of Winning with a ‘release date’ of 19 November at 8am.

As of writing, the tweet has garnered 1,725 retweets and 2,290 likes.

Since the tweet was posted, many netizens have left amusing comments

A user said, “If it’s like this, I have to vote yes or yes,” referencing one of the group’s hit songs. Meanwhile, another user name-dropped all the hit songs in support of the candidate.

Image via limlipeng (Twitter)

However, other users are not fully satisfied with the edited poster and told Lim to bring TWICE to Malaysia instead to earn their votes. One user even said, “I’ll vote for you if you can make arrangements so I can meet Momo.”

Image via limlipeng (Twitter)

One user even tweeted a meme of a TWICE member holding a (fake) gun with a smile and a “Yes or Yes” text written with the caption, “Kepong voters have only two choices after seeing your name there.”

Image via limlipeng (Twitter)

Check out the original tweet here:

U ask, u get.TWICE dan saya akan gegarkan PRU15 kali ini.Saya adalah calon yang ‘Talk that Talk’ dan akan memberikan yang terbaik untuk org Kepong! Saya usahakan utk pastikan org Kepong sentiasa ‘Feel Special’UNDI CALON PH NO 4 DI KEPONG!#4Kepong#P114#LLE pic.twitter.com/qtNyjrBlkW

— LIM LIP ENG (@limlipeng) November 5, 2022

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