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Woman Alleges Subway Only Gave Her “Half Scoop” Of Toppings On Her Cheese Toastie

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A social media user recently took to Facebook to lament the suboptimal sandwich that she was served at Subway

The woman from Johor, Shi Min Goh, shared that she had ordered a Mushroom & Cheese Toastie, a regular breakfast item from the popular sandwich chain, at a branch at the Pagoh R&R on the North-South Expressway, but received a pretty pitiful order.

“Bro, Subway Malaysia, don’t like that lah bro. I know inflation is hitting everybody hard, but I also want to get my RM5.50 worth of Toasties enough to fill my stomach on my way home,” she wrote.

She also shared photos of the order she received, showing the minuscule portion of mushrooms and cheese sitting on the two slices of bread.

Image via Shi Min Goh (Facebook)

The customer also alleged that she heard one of the staff instruct a trainee to only place half a scoop of toppings on her piece of toast

“Letak half scoop je, tak yah banyak sangat (Just put half a scoop, don’t need too much),” she heard.

After paying for and receiving her order, and taking photos of the pieces of toast in her car, the woman went back into the store.

“Another staff got me a decent portion (one scoop on each piece of bread), when I requested a change,” she said.

However, she still laughed and showed a photo of her final Toastie, saying, “Can you really save cost with 1.5 scoops?” and wondered if the employees were really following standard operating procedure (SOP).

Image via Shi Min Goh (Facebook)

Image via Shi Min Goh (Facebook)

The Facebook post has gone viral, garnering over 700 shares, with netizens empathising and also joking about her sad breakfast

“Hahahahaha. Just pay half then, RM2.75,” suggested a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

Another said, “This is following the style of oxygen-filled curry puffs.”

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, someone else showed off their fuller Mushroom & Cheese Toastie that they got at another branch.

“Ordered yesterday from the Subway in Jade Hills, Kajang, and they turned out well. Guess it’s just bad service at certain branches,” they said.

Image via Facebook

Subway Malaysia has since responded to the Facebook post and apologised to Goh for the incident

Asking her to message them for further discussions, they assured her that they are currently looking into the matter and will be rectifying it for future customers.

Meanwhile, Goh told SAYS that Subway has also personally reassured her that they will reinforce their SOP and retrain their staff if required.

“They reassured me that they will continue to train and monitor the quality, as [the Pagoh R&R branch] is a new outlet and had overwhelming traffic on the public holiday,” she said.

Last month, another woman was also surprised to find only two tiny slices of ham in a sandwich that she bought from 7-Eleven:

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