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Wish You Could Skip Paying For Yearly Insurance And Car Maintenance? Here’s A Simple Way

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This Spotlight is sponsored by KINTO ONE.

When it comes to buying a new car, one of the main concerns is depreciation — it’s estimated that your new car will decrease 40% to 50% in value just after five years! :O

Image via @toyotamy (Instagram)

For instance, if you buy a car worth RM75,000 to RM80,000, its value may drop to around RM40,000 within five years of you purchasing it. And it’s not just depreciation.

Besides that, there are various things you need to think about, such as yearly insurance and road tax renewal. It can be a burden, especially when it comes to thinking about what type of coverage to get, plus having to monitor and renew these before they expire, so mafan!

Also, with new cars, servicing is also something you have to consider. Usually, you are required to service your car multiple times a year, and a few extra times initially if it’s a brand new car.

With all these requirements, the cost (and hassle) can start to rack up over time.

For drivers who prefer not having to worry about these things, there’s a new rising trend in mobility, a.k.a. car subscription.

Basically, instead of buying a car, you pay a monthly subscription fee and you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of a new vehicle, minus the headache of upkeep, maintenance, and other unforeseen costs.

Image via KINTO Malaysia (Facebook)

Introducing KINTO ONE, an all-inclusive, fixed monthly payment, car subscription programme.

Besides the car itself, the plan also covers:

– Annual comprehensive insurance and road tax

– Periodic maintenance and preventive maintenance

In fact, the comprehensive insurance for your car includes special perils for flood, windscreen damage, and more. You’ll also get to enjoy No Claim Discount (NCD) if you don’t make any claims against your insurance.

In short, KINTO ONE caters to customers who are worried about the depreciating value of a new car and the hassle of having to sell it after a few years. Upon the completion of the subscription period, customers just have to return the car and everything else will be taken care of.

Since the subscription period lasts for only two to five years, this plan is also suitable for Malaysians who like to change up their cars often, as they can easily subscribe to new models every few years.

Wondering how you can get a brand new Toyota or Lexus with KINTO ONE? Here’s the way it works:

STEP 1: Subscribe to a KINTO ONE car subscription online

Image via KINTO ONE

Head over to KINTO ONE’s website to pick your car and subscribe to a plan. There is no downpayment required, and the monthly fees are all-inclusive, so you won’t have to worry about paying anything extra for your new car.

You can customise your subscription, whether it’s the colour of the car, your estimated mileage for the year, or even optional accessories. And when you’re done, it’s as simple as heading to the KINTO ONE outlet you selected to pick up your brand new car.

If you prefer, you can even schedule a test drive before settling on a subscription plan.

STEP 2: Drive your brand new car and just pay your monthly subscription, which even covers concierge service for car servicing

Image via KINTO Malaysia (Facebook)

The great thing about KINTO ONE is that your monthly fees can also be deducted every month via credit or debit card, so it’s completely hassle-free. Throughout the whole subscription period, you will only be charged a single fixed amount, with no additional fees or hidden charges that will surprise you.

Plus, all your wear and tear maintenance is covered — in fact, KINTO ONE offers a concierge service to pick up your car for servicing and deliver it back directly to you, how luxurious!

You can also drive with extra peace of mind, as your car will have Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP), which will cover total loss resulting from accidents or theft.

STEP 3: Once your subscription is up, return your car or upgrade to a new one!

Image via KINTO Malaysia (Facebook)

The best part is that subscribing to a plan with KINTO ONE is worry-free. You won’t need to think about selling your car or the depreciation cost that comes with it. Instead, at the end of your subscription period, just return the car and you can pick out your next new, shiny vehicle!

Currently, KINTO ONE is offering various Toyota and Lexus models

Image via Toyota

Whether you’re looking for a sleek drive like the Toyota Yaris and Toyota VIOS, a family car like the Toyota Innova, or a luxury sedan like the Lexus ES250, KINTO ONE has got you covered.

Subscribe now and enjoy the KINTO ONE year end promo, where you get to enjoy lower subscription fees for your first three months!

Image via KINTO ONE

From now until 31 December 2022, you’ll get to enjoy subscription rates as low as RM538 for your dream car, which means you’ll get to save even during your first three months.

Here’s a look at the car models and lower subscription fees for the first three months:

1. Toyota Yaris From RM2,708 RM1,708 per month

Image via KINTO Malaysia (Facebook)

Drive in style and show off your brand new car thanks to KINTO ONE’s car subscription plan. Find out more on their website today!

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