PARIS, Oct 11 — Discussions about the sale of Twitter continue. Meanwhile, the popularity of the platform is a real issue in the matter and not only in the United States.

A study by Statista reveals the countries where Twitter is among the most popular social networks.

Statista, an online portal providing statistics from institute, market and opinion research data, has evaluated the proportion of social network users who regularly use Twitter in countries around the world.

While the platform confirms that the largest number of accounts are based in the United States, the study shows that the social network is very popular in Mexico and India, with 50 per cent of users claiming to connect regularly through Twitter. South Africa follows with 49 per cent.

Spain is the only country in Europe to reach the top 3 (43 per cent), while the United Kingdom (37 per cent) is ahead of the United States (31 per cent) in terms of proportion of regular users. France takes eighth place in the ranking.

Note that Russia is ranked tenth, which is not surprising after the social network took measures of blocking use in March 2022 following the invasion of Ukraine.

TOP 10 countries where Twitter is most popular

(share of social network users who regularly use Twitter in selected countries, in per cent)

Mexico & India — 50 per cent South Africa — 49 per cent Spain — 43 per cent Brazil — 39 per cent United Kingdom — 37 per cent United States — 31 per cent Canada — 30 per cent France — 25 per cent Germany — 20 per cent Russia — 17 per cent

This ranking was based on 1,400 to 4,200 regular users of social networks (excluding messenger services) per country, aged 18 to 64. The study was conducted between July 2021 and June 2022, for the Statista Global Consumer Survey. — ETX Studio