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Video Of Mother Carrying Baby On Flying Fox Zipline In Kuala Kubu Bharu Sparks Outrage

A shocking video depicting a mother carrying her child one-handed as they dangerously soar thousands of feet above the forest canopy in Kuala Kubu Bharu is sparking anger online

The child appears to be fastened to his mother’s chest with no more than a yellow belt around his waist.

His young age and the flimsy appearance of his zip-line gear have incited anger and concern among the public due to the high potential for injury or even death.

Image via Harian Metro

Image via Harian Metro

Several TikTok users conveyed their astonishment at the fact that the infant was secured with a “safety” harness that did not look secure at all

Image via TikTok

Image via TikTok

Another stated the child should’ve at least had some protection on in the form of a helmet.

Image via TikTok

Meanwhile, a different user commented on the necessity of a minimum height or weight level for children to be able to ride on a zip-line.

Image via TikTok

Authorities have since opened an investigation into the individuals involved after a police report was filed

In a press statement yesterday, 13 November, Hulu Selangor district police chief Supt Suffian Abdullah, stated that the case was being investigated in accordance with Section 31 (1) of the Children Act 2001 Amendment 2006.

According to the Act, if an individual responsible for the care of a child abuses, neglects, abandons, or exposes the child in a manner likely to cause them physical or emotional injury, they are liable to a fine not exceeding RM20,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years, or to both, upon conviction.

“In the meantime, PDRM requests that the public remain calm and not become incensed over the issue,” he added.

Authorities also called upon the public to come to the nearest police station if they have any information regarding the incident or those involved.

“For any information or inquiries, contact the Hulu Selangor District Police Headquarters (IPD) at 03-60641223,” Suffian stated.

This isn’t the first case of parents’ negligence landing them in hot water with the authorities:

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