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Uncle Doing Tai Chi In Storm Proves That This Is His World & We’re Just Living In It

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The monsoon season is here, and many Malaysians have been experiencing soggy weather across Malaysia

Unfortunately, this means having to deal with heavy rain and strong winds, which may or may not be an inconvenience to us in some way.

However, this uncle from Penang seemed to be loving the monsoon weather and took full advantage of the strong winds and rain to live out his main character moment.

Image via Penang My Hometown ????? (Facebook)

Image via Penang My Hometown ????? (Facebook)

Posted on Facebook page Penang My Hometown on 12 November, the video shows the uncle doing some pretty cool Tai Chi moves while he braced the billowing winds

While everyone seemed to be retreating into shops to hide from the wind and rain, the uncle took off his slippers and embraced the moment as he did his thing, supposedly in front of a caf? at the Gurney Plaza shopping mall in Georgetown.

As he did his Tai Chi moves, he looked like an air bender, commanding the elements around him.

You can watch the full video below:

The video of this cool uncle has since garnered 4,600 likes and 211,000 shares on Facebook, with many impressed netizens complimenting the uncle for his sick moves

One user wrote, “Light and graceful martial [art] posture. I have forgotten the [art] myself.”

Another netizen commented, saying, “Such a powerful aura. People around him tremble because of it.”

“He has practised to the final level. He has achieved great things and is now invincible to the world,” another user praised.

Image via Facebook

Maybe the uncle is the Avatar incarnate, showing off his skills

Image via GIPHY

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