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Two men arrested over suspected involvement in Macau scams

BALIK PULAU, April 16 — The Penang police have arrested two men believed to be involved in Macau Scam syndicates in two separate cases recently, Barat Daya district police chief Supt Kamarul Rizal Jenal said.

In the first case, a man in his 30s was arrested in Taman Ria Jaya, Sungai Petani, Kedah two days ago over his suspected involvement in a Macau Scam that caused a woman to lost RM28,000 after she was deceived into believing that she had RM36,000 in tax arrears and convinced her to transfer RM28,000 to resolve the problem.

He said that the police was still tracking the syndicate and had remanded the man, who is unemployed, to facilitate investigations under Section 420 of the Penal Code. He did not, however, provide any specific details on the man’s role in the crime.

Kamarul Rizal said that in the second case, a man in his 20s was arrested on suspicions of being the owner of a mule account used by a Macau Scam syndicate two days ago.

His arrest was the result of investigations into a police report lodged by a housewife who lost RM9,200 to a Macau Scam in September last year.

“The woman said she received a call from an Inland Revenue Board officer, who claimed she had tax arrears amounting to RM17,670.06 and she had to settle the amount to avoid legal action.

“She then provided her bank account information to the syndicate before discovering that RM9,200 had been transferred out of her Tabung Haji savings to another bank account without her knowledge,” he said.

He said the man was remanded for four days to facilitate investigations under Section 4 of the Computer Crimes Act 1997. — Bernama

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