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This Sushi Chain Is Bringing In One Of Japan’s Favourite Fishes For A Limited Time

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Sushi King.

Have you heard the good news? Sushi King, Malaysia’s happy sushi place, is adding kisu fish to their menu, yassssss!

Sushi King boasts all kinds of Japanese food staples, making them the go-to Japanese restaurant for many Malaysians for years.

This time, Sushi King is offering kisu, a type of Japanese fish, in different dish varieties, such as sushi, side dish, bento, tenpura (BTW, did you know that the Japanese term is actually spelt as tenpura?), and more from now until 31 December 2022. In fact, Sushi King is the only local sushi chain to offer kisu on their menu. Nice lahhh.

The best part? You can rest assured that at Sushi King, you’ll enjoy the highest quality of halal food at affordable prices.

Known in English as sillago or whiting, kisu fish is light in colour, and boasts a plain, clean taste that makes a refreshing snack or meal, making it a highly delectable delicacy during summer

Image via The Sushi Legend

No longer than 35cm in length, kisu fish is a type of hikarimono (shiny, silverfish). It is the leanest in its group, and has a fat content as low as 1%. They usually spawn between June and October, and are taken in large quantities during this period by fishermen.

Kisu fish has been said to provide several health benefits — it may help with fatigue, improve heart health, lower cholesterol, strengthen the bones, and more.

That’s why the seasonal fish is commonly enjoyed by the Japanese. In fact, if you mention the fish to any Japanese, they’ll immediately think of it as a tenpura ingredient, as it’s commonly served fried.

Mmmm, all that talk about kisu made you wanna try it, right? Here’s a look at all of the kisu dishes available at Sushi King:

1. Enjoy a bite-sized Kisu Fry Nigiri topped with spicy sauce and mayonnaise

Image via Sushi King (Provided to SAYS)

2. Tuck into the Kisu Tenpura, consisting of deep-fried Japanese whiting, lotus root, and long bean served with tenpura gravy

Image via Sushi King (Provided to SAYS)

3. Enjoy a heartwarming bowl of Kisu Fry Don, which comes with rice, deep-fried Japanese whiting, lotus root, long bean, spicy sauce, and mayonnaise

Image via Sushi King (Provided to SAYS)

4. Up for a feast? The Salmon and Kisu Fry Set is sure to satisfy you — it has deep-fried salmon, Japanese whiting, lotus root, and long bean paired with Japanese-style tartar sauce and okonomi sauce as well as a hot bowl of rice miso soup.

Image via Sushi King (Provided to SAYS)

5. Fill your tummy with Kisu and Ebi Fry Bento, served with deep-fried lotus root, long bean, prawn, and salmon patty with spicy sauce and mayonnaise, as well as edamame and piri piri renkon

Image via Sushi King (Provided to SAYS)

Plus, Sushi King also has a variety of other seafood dishes you’ll love!

You can get your hands on the Spicy Surimi Ebi Nigiri, Spicy Ebi Fry Maki, Spicy Kisu Fry Nigiri, Piri Piri Renkon, and more. Nice lahh.

So, whatchu waiting for? The promo ends on 31 December, so quickly head over to your nearest Sushi King outlet to give their kisu dishes a try today!

To learn more, head over to Sushi King’s website. You can also Follow and Like Sushi King on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.

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