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Steam Now Has Full DualSense Support For All Users

Last month, Steam added very rudimentary support for the PS5 DualSense controller to the beta client. Valve would later add more support for its auxiliary functions like the touchpad, LEDs, rumble and gyro. It looks like all these features have finally made their way to the general client.

Looking at the latest Steam client update log, we can see this as the first item under Steam Input. In addition to all those functions, there is now also support for directional swipe inputs for the touchpad as well. This is something that even the DualShock 4 can make use of. But it remains to be seen if the implementation supports only the DualSense, or indeed both controllers.

Sony PS5 Dualsense Controller 2

While it’s nice to see the additional features supported as well, it’s quite unlikely that you’ll see many games making use of them. If you’re looking for games that do, you’ll probably have better odds with PS4 ports like Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn. Since they made use of those features in their console iterations, it should be less daunting a task to have them also use the same features on Steam.

And that’s good and all, but it’s no reason to get a DualSense just for Steam, especially if you still have a good DualShock 4. There’s no sense in getting the new controller if you’re not also getting the new console, which can be a challenge right now. Then there’s the fact that there is already at least one report of analogue stick drift with the new controller.

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