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SG Woman’s 2 Corgi Pups Die Within A Week Of Buying Them Online For RM21,450

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A Singaporean woman recently bought two corgi puppies online, thinking she would have two new adorable pets to love and care for

Unfortunately, both puppies died a week later after she purchased them for SGD6,400 (RM21,450) on an online website, Xiaohongshu, on 21 October.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the buyer first paid a SGD500 (RM1,675) deposit and later sent the rest of the money to the seller once she received the dogs.

The puppies were delivered to the woman on 27 October.

They were supposed to arrive with dog food and already microchipped, terms that the seller failed to uphold. However, they promised the buyer that the items would arrive the next day.

Image for illustration purposes only.
Image via Petmoo

As the food had not been delivered yet, the new owner of the corgi puppies went to the pet store to buy them some

Upon seeing the puppies, an employee of the store pointed out that there was “something wrong” with them like skin issues.

It was then that things went downhill as the puppies’ condition began to deteriorate quickly. According to the owner, her pets began to foam at the mouth and had diarrhea.

She took them to the vet where both corgis were diagnosed with canine parvovirus.

Both puppies died from the virus infection on 2 November and 3 November, less than a week after the woman got them.

Pictures of the sick puppies, provided by the owner to Shin Min Daily News.
Image via Shin Min Daily News

The canine parvovirus is a highly infectious and deadly virus for unvaccinated dogs that affects the gastrointestinal tract. Puppies younger than four months old are at high risk of succumbing to the virus. It is spread from dog to dog by contact with contaminated stool, surfaces, or humans.

Symptoms of the parvovirus in dogs include:


-loss of appetite

-abdominal pain and swelling

-high fever or hypothermia

-vomiting or diarrhea containing blood

Image for illustration purposes only.
Image via American Kennel Club

Upset over the loss of her dogs, the woman attempted to contact the seller but was met with denial and unresponsiveness

The seller allegedly refused to take responsibility for the situation and denied any refunds or compensation. The woman said the seller later ghosted her and has been unreachable since.

According to the Singaporean, she spent a total of SGD12,000 (RM40,186) on the corgis’ medical fees on top of the cost of purchasing them.

Chen advised the public to refrain from purchasing pets online or from unknown sources as sellers can easily scam customers by selling animals in poor conditions.

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