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Seller Prepares RM300 Worth Of Doughnuts Only To Have Customer Cancel At The Last Minute

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Running a small business can be a great way to bring a long-time passion to life and make money while you’re at it.

However, it can also come with its woes as this seller, Mieraa Eiya, has come to find out after a customer cancelled a big order on her at the last minute.

On 9 November, Mieraa shared her story on Facebook about her experience with a customer who ordered 30 packs of red velvet doughnuts from her family-owned business, amounting to RM300 in total.

Speaking briefly with SAYS, Mieraa said that the customer contacted her through Facebook Messenger and claimed that they were ordering the doughnuts for an event they were holding at Setia City Mall in Shah Alam.

After placing their order, Mieraa asked the customer to make a deposit on their order but they told her that they would only pay once the order arrived at the venue, saying that it would be easier for them to settle because they were busy handling the event.

Trusting the customer, Mieraa accepted the arrangement and proceeded to prepare the large order.

Image via Mieraa Eiya (Facebook)

Image via Mieraa Eiya (Facebook)

Mieraa requested to send the doughnuts before 7pm and the customer agreed to that time frame, saying as long as the order arrived before 8pm, when their event was scheduled to begin

Making good of her word, Mieraa informed the customer at 6.35pm that her brother was on his way to deliver the doughnuts. She asked the customer if they could provide her with a contact number so her brother could call them when he arrived but the customer just told her to wait.

When her brother was almost at the agreed location, Mieraa continued asking the customer how could her brother contact them to make the delivery.

That was when the customer dropped a bombshell on Mieraa and merely typed, “I would like to cancel la, dik. Bye,” and proceeded to block Mieraa on Facebook Messenger.

Image via Mieraa Eiya (Facebook)

Having such a large order cancelled at the last minute, Mieraa relayed the incident on Facebook, while trying to find customers to buy the 30 packs of doughnuts from her by the same night

Thankfully, Mieraa managed to rally enough customers to buy the RM300 worth of doughnuts that were almost wasted.

When SAYS asked Mieraa why she didn’t make a police report on the incident, she said that she didn’t want to escalate the issue and just accepted that it was not her lucky day. Plus, she didn’t have enough information on the customer to make a case for herself.

Mieraa said that she felt very shocked and upset at the situation.

“I didn’t expect a customer like this. We [Mieraa and her family] were enthusiastically preparing the customer’s order until we did not even have time to rest ourselves. In the end, they just wilfully cancelled on us at the last minute,” she said.

Moving forward, Mieraa added that she will definitely be asking for deposits from customers from now on to avoid similar issues from happening again.

Mieraa’s post has since made its rounds on Facebook and many netizens offered their thoughts on the situation

One Facebook user condemned the behaviour of the customer, saying, “These are the actions of someone who is envious of our business. They don’t want us to succeed so they purposely cause us lots of stress until we no longer want to continue our business… These people are dangerous.”

Image via Facebook

Many advised Mieraa to always secure a deposit before proceeding with large volume orders.

One netizen wrote, “To reduce risk, sellers must ask for a deposit for large, high stakes order. The seller has to be prudent… There have been so many stories about orders being cancelled at the last minute. We sellers need to be alert.”

Image via Facebook

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