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Scammers Send COD Parcels To Malaysians’ Homes & Fool Them Into Paying Up To RM130 Upfront

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A Malaysian woman recently tweeted about being scammed after she paid for a parcel that she did not order

According to her tweet, the victim, Hawa, received a package addressed to her from a store called Zombi Online Shop.

She was perplexed when she unwrapped the package sent to her house and discovered random items that she had not ordered.

The items Hawa received included a water bottle, a bag, and a cutlery set.

She said the sender had set the parcel’s delivery type to cash-on-delivery (COD), and she unsuspectingly paid RM69 for the package when it was delivered to her house.

Image via @hawanis_ (Twitter)

Hawa shared that some of her friends have also fallen victim to this new scam tactic

After compiling screenshots of conversations she had with other victims on her Twitter thread, she discovered that many others had also received COD parcels for RM69.

While Hawa received a random assortment of school supplies, some victims received empty packages.

However, there were those who managed not to fall into the trap.

“I squeezed the parcel a little bit when it was delivered and felt nothing, so I told the delivery man to return the item back to the sender,” said her friend.

Meanwhile, another friend said that she was glad she was not at home when the item was delivered to her house.

Image via @hawanis_ (Twitter)

Before receiving the package, victims would receive an automated short message service (SMS) saying that the item is out for delivery

Hawa said an alleged J&T employee, who wished to remain anonymous, saw her tweet and shared the scammers’ modus operandi with her, acknowledging that the issue has been ongoing for some time.

According to the employee, if anyone receives a parcel with a tracking number that begins with 6307, it is most likely a package sent by scammers.

They went on to say that anyone who receives the package should tell the delivery man to return it to the sender in order to prevent this problem from happening to other victims in the future.

“If you receive an SMS stating that your item is being delivered, respond to the message or WhatsApp the number and inform them to return the item to its sender,” the employee said.

Image via @hawanis_ (Twitter)

Many other netizens have since replied to Hawa’s Twitter thread to share their own experiences

One user claimed he was almost scammed twice, first when he was asked to pay RM78 for the delivery package and then RM79 the second time.

Fortunately, he instructed the delivery person to return the items to the sender.

Image via @hawanis_ (Twitter)

Another user said that her father was also a victim of the scam, having paid RM99 for the parcel.

Image via @hawanis_ (Twitter)

Meanwhile, another user shared screenshots from a conversation she had with her family in which her mother paid RM130 for a parcel that no one in her household had ordered.

Image via @hawanis_ (Twitter)

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