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‘Rumah asap’ potential tourist destination for Sarawak, says Pasima president

Isa (right) is joined by a Korean known as Mr Yoo who joined him to sing the Iban classic Bekikis Bulu Betis. Mr Yoo was at a rumah asap where Isa’s band Pesaka Lama was performing. — Borneo Post Online pic

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KUCHING, May 16 — ‘Rumah asap’ or smokehouse eateries can be promoted as another tourist destination for Sarawak, said Persatuan Anak Seni Iban Malaysia (Pasima) president Isa Lee.

He said these eateries are now popular spots during the transition to endemic phase for people to dine in while being entertained by live music.

“Is it possible for the government to give help or provide grants to local entrepreneurs to build or enhance smokehouses with better facilities, such as good parking areas and access roads?

“I believe with a more conducive setting, rumah asaps in urban and rural areas can attract more visitors and become one of the stops for tourists when they visit Sarawak,” he said.

Isa pointed despite the current rustic settings, rumah asaps still managed to attract many diners — not just locals but also foreigners living in Sarawak.

Similarly, for local artistes he said rumah asaps, which are also called ‘langkau arau’ or ‘ramin asuh’, provide a stage for them to do promotions.

He added the smokehouse eateries could also be the venue for recording companies to hold events auditioning for new and young talents.

“Through my own experience as buskers at rumah asap, people come not only to spend on food and drinks but also want to enjoy the music there. I have also met foreigners who were attracted to this concept.

“This creates a win-win situation for the artistes, their recording companies, stall operators and the owner of the rumah asap,” he said.

Isa also expressed his appreciation to local politicians, including some ministers who have come to rumah asaps to support the local business and cheer for the artistes performing there.

“In short, I can say rumah asaps are a place where all Sarawakians can get together to unwind and have a good time.

“If done properly, rumah asaps can be an icon for Sarawak,” he added. — Borneo Post Online

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