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Precious Doggo Steals Hearts By Wandering Through Lecture Hall In Sabah University

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Ever been super late to class and couldn’t find which lecture hall to go to?

You and this doggo may have something in common.

A recent TikTok video published by user @yeyamashhh has gone viral for being absolutely adorable.

The 53-second feature begins with a random dog standing in the middle of the lecture hall, wagging his tail at all the students present for their class.

It then progresses to showing him walk to the side, up the stairs, and around the back of the hall, casually strutting while students whip out their phones to grab a picture of their cutest classmate.

Seemingly unbothered, the doggo looks rather comfortable making his rounds through the class.

Image via @yeyamashhh (TikTok)

Image via @yeyamashhh (TikTok)

The TikTok has since garnered major attention online, racking up over 100,000 views and 10,000 likes

It has since been revealed that the video was taken in a lecture hall in University Malaysia Sabah (UMS), a public university in Kota Kinabalu.

Nonetheless, this may not be a particularly unusual activity, with the TikTok user who posted the video writing in her caption, “Normal day at USM” with laughing emojis.

A plethora of wisecracks and comedic takes in the comment section of the video have not gone unnoticed, with many people fawning over the pup.

“He’s looking for his friend,” said one person, while a couple of others asked if he was a new classmate, or got lost finding his class.

Image via @yeyamashhh (TikTok)

Image via @yeyamashhh (TikTok)

Image via @yeyamashhh (TikTok)

Others even stated he was checking the students’ attendance, while a couple more even said he was a free security guard for the university.

“The discipline teacher has arrived, please be quiet, everyone!” joked one commenter, while another called the doggo the cutest lecturer ever.

Image via @yeyamashhh (TikTok)

Image via @yeyamashhh (TikTok)

Image via @yeyamashhh (TikTok)

However, one responder seemed to inspire a subsequent video by the same TikTok user — this time showing a pack of dogs on site at UMS

Image via @yeyamashhh (TikTok)

Seemingly playing into the user’s knowledge, the commenter wrote, “Don’t forget the caf?!”

The following day, the same TikTok user posted another video to her page of a pack of dogs at the canteen in UMS, scouting for their next meal. Whatever the circumstances were, it further reinstated that the presence of these cute fluffers are not an uncommon sight for students.

In the background, you can see the same dog who walked into the lecture hall a day earlier!

Image via @yeyamashhh (TikTok)

All in all, one comment seemed to encompass everything that was aimed to be portrayed in the TikTok.

“There’s no need to be scared of them, they’re all God’s creatures. So loyal to come and see you guys study!” to which the user who posted the video, also agreed.

Image via @yeyamashhh (TikTok)

Watch both TikTok videos below:

@yeyamashhh Normal day in UMS #ums #unilife #universitimalaysiasabah original sound – Yaeya ??

@yeyamashhh Replying to @emud1102 HAHAAHAHHAAHAH THIS ONE !! betul? educated tasu? di UMS ni, siap berbaris lagi #ums #unilife #universitimalaysiasabah SWIPE – ALYPH

This isn’t the first time a cute pup has wandered into a lecture hall at a university in West Malaysia:

Another doggo grabbed the hearts of millions after receiving a traditional Hindu blessing at home:

Here are some other cute #dogs that’ve grabbed our attention:

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