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Popular Children’s Book Series ‘Mr Midnight’ To Premiere Live-Adaptation Series On Netflix

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A classic Southeast Asian horror book series is set to premiere a live-action series adaptation later this month

Popular children’s book series, Mr Midnight, which was written by Singaporean-based Australian writer James Aitchison (under pseudonym James Lee) created a massive hit ever since the release of this series back in 1998.

If you’re a child of the late 1990s or early 2000s, this was definitely a collection that compiled on your bookshelf back in the day.

Often referred to as the Southeast Asian Goosebumps, the popularity of Mr Midnight in Singapore and Malaysia saw their popularity soar to the heights of Harry Potter sales for these two nations. The series went on to produce versions of the book in Burmese, Malay, Indonesian, and Chinese.

128 books and numerous special editions later, the series success has spawned a live-action series entitled Mr Midnight: Beware the Monsters (2022), that will be premiering on Netflix come 24 October!

A few of the 128 books that have been released thus far.
Image via Carousell

The show is said to revolve around a group of friends who become supernatural detectives, recording their adventures in a blog called ‘Mr Midnight’

While details of the series have been scarce, an Instagram page for the show was created late last month, including details on its premiere and some first shots of what it will be intended to look like.

Among the ensemble cast members include Malaysian actor, Idan Aedan, Singaporean actress, Chen Yixin, and Australian actors Caleb Monk and Nikki Dekker.

The series was said to have been shot in Batam, Indonesia, over a five-month period during the COVID-19 pandemic.

(From left to right): Chen, Dekker, Idan, and Monk, the main ensemble for ‘Mr Midnight: Beware the Monsters’ (2022).
Image via @mrmidnightseries (Instagram)

Just in time for Halloween, are you ready to see a blast from the past come to life off its pages?

Tune in to Netflix on 24 October!

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