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People Are Sharing Hilarious Memes After Landlord Paints Over A Dead Cockroach

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If you thought you didn’t care about your job, take a look at this

On 5 September, Twitter user @chellzyeah shared a photo of how their landlord painted over a dead cockroach and it’s gone viral. 

my landlord painted over a fucking roach pic.twitter.com/b3vTHOrdgi

— chelsea, a human woman? (@chellzyeah) September 5, 2021

Looking like a fossil in a museum, it appears that their roommate’s corpse had been left on the wall to mummify, with a sheen of paint coated on top of it. 

Image via @chellzyeah (Twitter)

The lil’ critter may have left this world but not without a bang, as people have made memes out of its rather unfortunate position

Some turned it into a dancing roach. 

Give ‘em the ol’ razzle dazzle! pic.twitter.com/2AhjkuW8zS

— LEX (@LexTheQueer) September 5, 2021

Mid-performance, too. That’s just cruel. pic.twitter.com/2WRnB2mSAy

— Moog (@a_toots) September 5, 2021

While others added music to its moves:

It needed animation and music added. pic.twitter.com/tJrQHirY71

— Goomba Bro (@GoombaBro) September 5, 2021

To dance again… pic.twitter.com/bZ2rSO3cAD

— askMartyn makes things and stuff (@martyniiiii) September 5, 2021

It’s become quite a joke, really

I tried to draw him a lil suit but I don’t have time to do it good haha. pic.twitter.com/WU9I11EN5v

— Sexy Randal, the Pharaoh Wizard (@jessay) September 6, 2021

Not one to pass over gold medals. If a roach can do it, so can you.

Tokyo 2020 pic.twitter.com/0nTMnu15IN

— Key Poulan (@KeyPoulan) September 11, 2021

They call him, ‘Tony Roach’


— micah (@_micahs_mullet_) September 5, 2021

Even Ronaldo and Bruce Lee were put to shame


— Jack Bannister (@JackBannister94) September 5, 2021


— JustinBoldaji بلداجي (@justinboldaji) September 5, 2021

A dancer, yes. But musically talented too?! There’s nothing this roach can’t do.

Cockroach Tull pic.twitter.com/Dn5ljNury2

— AndyCallaway (@acallaway1957) September 5, 2021


— Veteran and Dog (@RyanAndLuna) September 5, 2021

Because Roach is the main character.


— Izaille (@Izaille1) September 6, 2021


— Bing (@imBINGnotG00GLE) September 5, 2021

Me everyday as soon as I get home from work. pic.twitter.com/W50U1hVHIo

— Sam Boehle (@pplteenscene) September 10, 2021

Speaking of unglamourous positions:

Here’s another cockroach that stole that world’s attention during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics:

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