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“Of Course Lah Important” – Netizens React To Man Who Wants GF With Band 4 MUET Score

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Although the Internet is no longer considered an odd place for people to find love, one Malaysian man’s tweet drew attention after he shared his ideal type of woman

The man listed his characteristics in the tweet, describing himself as a 24-year-old physically fit man who is a family person.

He then listed the characteristics of his ideal woman, who must be between 20 and 30 years old and have acquired a degree.

On the list, he also stated that he would like a partner with a Malaysian University English Test (MUET) Band 4 score, which is not a qualification that most people would list when looking for a partner.

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His tweet went viral after netizens questioned his unconventional preference

One Twitter user thought it was amusing that he mentioned MUET.

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Another user said that this is her first time seeing someone listing MUET as a preference for their future partner.

“But looking at it now, it should be a requirement and not just optional,” she said.

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Another user commented that judging someone’s English proficiency solely based on their MUET score can be “misleading”.

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One user jokingly called it, “How I Met Your Mother (MUET Edition)”.

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While some netizens made jokes, the majority defended the man’s preference by asserting that the MUET score is more important than we realise.

One user pointed out that it is difficult to converse with a partner who does not speak proper English, especially when they cannot distinguish between “it hurts” and “it’s hurt”.

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“Of course, as someone with a MUET Band 5, I want a partner with at least a Band 4. What if I sent her the lyrics, “at every table, I’ll save you a seat,” and she responds with a Floor 88 song?” said another.

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Responding to the backlash he received from netizens, the man explained why he listed “Band 4 MUET” as his preference

He explained that he values good communication with his future partner.

“I value communication, so I figured the quickest and most precise way to convey that is to include MUET as a requirement,” he explained.

“Plus, I added that as a humorous element to my tweet because I don’t want it to be too serious.”

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, a wealthy Malaysian man was criticised for having unrealistic expectations for finding a partner:

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