PUTRAJAYA, Nov 14 — Datuk Nor Azmie Diron has been appointed as director-general of the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Prime Minister’s Department (JPM), effective today.

Prior to the appointment, Nor Azmie, 53, who has served in the public service for 27 years, was the deputy director-general (Macro) of the EPU.

Chief Secretary to the Government, Tan Sri Mohd Zuki Ali, in a statement today, said that Nor Azmie’s appointment was based on his qualifications and experience, having held several positions in various fields.

He said Nor Azmie has experience in financial management, macroeconomics and privatisation in the Selangor State Secretary’s administration.

“I believe that with the experience and credibility which he has, Nor Azmie can ensure the success of EPU’s vision as the leader in the nation’s socioeconomic development, which is inclusive, progressive and sustainable for the well-being and prosperity of the people,” he said.

Nor Azmie’s first position in the public service was as an Administrative and Diplomatic Officer, starting on January 25, 1995. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in Economics from Universiti Malaya, and a Master’s Degree in Information Technology Management from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. — Bernama