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No One Loves You? Snuggle Under This Roti Canai Blanket Because At Least Roti Can Hold You

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Tired of getting your heart broken? Sick of putting yourself out there only to get hurt?

Chin up and wrap yourself in this beloved Malaysian breakfast treat or tea time snack.

Because you are the snacc.

Image via daninden/Shopee

Image via Resepi Bonda

Roti canai, Malaysians’ true comfort food, may keep our bellies warm and full, but this blanket can comfort you in a different kind of way

Made of soft flannel, this roti canai blanket can wrap you and keep you toasty, whether it’s movie night at home, nap time, or you just work in a freezing office.

Image via mlamm.13/Shopee

Image via Shopee

Although it’s listed as a burrito wrap blanket on Shopee, it can be whatever you want it to be — a tortilla, roti canai, capati, you name it.

It comes in two sizes: 122cm x 122cm (RM32) and 152cm x 152cm (RM35.84).

You can buy it here.

If you want something larger, there’s an 180cm version (RM42.99) here.

Or you can swaddle your baby in one for RM19.90 here.

Image via Shopee

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