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More manpower, drones to bolster Malaysia-Thai border patrols

A soldier from the 6th Battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment patrolling the border at Pos Tok O Lubok Stol in Rantau Panjang today. (Bernama pic)

PASIR MAS: Following the recent shooting at the Malaysian border, the armed forces has stepped up its readiness by aggressive patrolling and strengthening intelligence activities, including the use of drones at hotspots.

Eighth Brigade commander Zamsari Abu Hassan said they were also improving cooperation with other security agencies in attempts to keep the General Operations Force (PGA) men safe from violent smugglers at the Malaysia-Thailand border in Kelantan.

“Two additional groups (platoons) from the Pengkalan Chepa camp were instructed to be prepared to be deployed to assist in operations.

“Every member is required to wear a ballistic helmet and bulletproof vest in case they are shot at by cross-border criminals,” he told reporters after a visit to the Ops Benteng area on the Malaysia-Thailand border near Rantau Panjang here today.

Earlier, a PGA member on duty at the Malaysia-Thailand border post in Padang Besar, Perlis, was killed after he was believed to have been shot by smugglers.

Zamsari said the armed forces’ readiness also involved sending combat boats and outboard engine boats to control security at the border and protect national sovereignty from cross-border criminal activities.

“We have identified more than 59 hotspots and need to conduct more aggressive patrols in the area by taking into account the safety of our 274 personnel assigned at the border in the state.”

He said his members were ready and had high morale to defend the border area no matter what happened, especially if they were faced with floods or armed smugglers.

“The increased readiness will ensure that the mission and duties given to us are not compromised. We will ensure the trust to uphold the country’s sovereignty and the well-being of the people are kept.”

He said his visit was to monitor preparations for an operation being carried out by the Sixth Battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment to strengthen national sovereignty at the Malaysia-Thai border.

“We don’t want any member to feel intimidated but instead work with full reliability and discipline for the country,” he said.

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