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Malaysia’s Most Haunted House In Bukit Gasing Is Being Auctioned For RM4.4 Million

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The infamous and allegedly haunted mansion, the SG House, located in Bukit Gasing, is being auctioned, with the starting bid set at RM4.4 million

Selangor Auction Property, a commercial property agent, recently made a Facebook post announcing that the haunted mansion has been listed for sale, and buyers should brace themselves for the auction that will take place on Tuesday, 13 December.

It is difficult for those driving through Bukit Gasing to miss this 18,694 sq ft building, as its chipped white paint and large ‘SG’ logo on its front gate will definitely draw the attention of anyone passing by.

While the abandoned mansion may appeal to those who are unaware of its history, many Malaysians are familiar with the allegedly horrific events that occurred in the house.

Image via Selangor Auction Property (Facebook)

The SG house was thought to have been abandoned in the early 2000s after a tragic incident

The mansion was allegedly owned by a wealthy businessman, Sanjay Gill (hence, explaining the large ‘SG’ logo located at the front gate), who lived in the building with his wife, reported JUICE.

Sanjay was thought to have bought the house so that his family could live happily ever after in it. However, because he was a busy businessman, he did not spend much time in the family’s new home.

His wife had no suspicions at first because she assumed her husband was busy making bread for her family. Unfortunately, she soon discovered that her husband had been cheating on her with another woman, and the marriage fell apart not long after.

Image via Corpse Army Media/JUICE

In a fit of rage, the lonely housewife went on a manhunt for the mistress and murdered her.

She then decapitated the mistress’s head and hung it on the house’s front door.

Sanjay returned home from work and discovered the gruesome scene. He collapsed to the floor, shocked by what had happened, and died on the spot from a heart attack.

His wife felt guilty after seeing how all of this happened as a result of her actions and proceeded to hang herself in the house.

Despite the fact that the story sounds like it came from the imagination of a deeply disturbed aspiring horror filmmaker, Malaysians continued to spread the legend of Sanjay Gill, which was, of course, popularly associated with the Bukit Gasing mansion.

Image via Prop Social/JUICE

Learning that the house would be auctioned off, netizens expressed their thoughts and feelings in the comments section

One user said that everyone knows the house is haunted and the mansion should be sold for a lower price.

Image via Selangor Auction Property (Facebook)

Another user joked that while most houses are advertised as fully furnished, this mansion comes with a more interesting package.

Image via Selangor Auction Property (Facebook)

Meanwhile, one netizen asked if the house comes with a special licence to operate as a supernatural theme park.

Image via Selangor Auction Property (Facebook)

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