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Malaysians Spend 14 Hours A Day Indoors. Here’s How To Make Sure Your Air At Home Is Clean

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Did you know that we spend 60% of our time indoors?

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According to the deputy president of the Malaysian Clean Air Society, Professor Juliana Jalaludin, the average adult spends an average of 14 hours a day indoors, as reported by the New Straits Times. On the other hand, children spend up to 90% of their time indoors, while infants are usually 100% within the confines of home.

What’s more, a report by mana medical associates showed that indoor air contains two to five times more pollutants and germs than the fresh air outdoors! This means that the air inside our homes can even be more harmful than the air outside. :O

Nevertheless, the good thing is that we have a better chance at controlling the air within our homes. So, we can start practicing healthier oxygen habits from there.

Thankfully, Panasonic has released four new everyday appliances imbued with nanoe X technology that can keep your air clean, refreshing, and cool. Here’s how it works:

Developed exclusively by Panasonic, nanoe X is a technology that generates nano-sized atomised water particles.

It works by collecting invisible moisture in the air and applying high voltage to produce “hydroxyl radicals contained in water”. These hydroxyl radicals happen to be elements that inhibit pollutants, breaks them down, and neutralises their effects, to improve the air quality of indoor environments.

First, let’s look at the Panasonic nanoe X Air Purifiers’ two variants, VXK70AWM and F-PXV50AKM

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Both of Panasonic’s nanoe X Air Purifiers are equipped with similar functions, but slightly different features. For example, the active purification feature penetrates deep into fabrics and fibres, inhibiting viruses, bacteria, and moulds in clothes, furniture, and other items.

So, let’s say you walk into your house after going out, you wouldn’t need to worry too much about outside germs because the purifier would have imbued the nanoe X particles into your clothes, neutralising any possible contaminants.

Together with the nanoe X technology is the HEPA Composite Filter, which, according to a Panasonic report, restricts viruses, bacteria, and 17 other kinds of allergens with up to 99% effectiveness

It also applies the efficient capture method which Panasonic claims can remove up to 99.97% of PM0.003 particles (particulate matter particles) that are contaminants or pollutants. For those who don’t know, PM particles are small bits of solids or liquids that circle through the air.

Other ‘smart’ features of the purifiers include the human motion and humidity sensor which detects people and humidity levels in a room.

One feature specific to the VXK70AWM model is its distinct Econavi technology

The Econavi feature monitors daily activities through its built-in odour and house dust sensors and memorises the timeline of pollution levels in a room.

What this means is that as pollution levels change in a room based on different activities, the purifier will automatically customise its operation mode to fit the user’s recommended needs.

Aside from air purifiers, Panasonic also launched the nanoe X Ceiling Fan to help you cool down your home

Image via Panasonic (Provided to SAYS)

None of us like being in stuffy and stale environments, right? Fortunately, with the nanoe X Ceiling Fan, you won’t need to worry about that anymore.

Available in two variants, F-M15MEVBKRH (long pipe) and F-M15MEVBKQH (short pipe), the nanoe(TM) X Ceiling Fans are not only designed for improving air circulation, it also comes with numerous perks. For starters, the nanoe X technology in the ceiling fans are maintenance-free and do not require a replacement after extensive use.

Furthermore, they are cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Packed with DC Motor technology, the ceiling fan saves up to 55% worth of energy when compared to an AC motor. They are also compact, light, and quiet when used.

Having a fan that constantly blows into your face can get frustrating, but Panasonic’s nanoe X Ceiling Fan offers a solution to this too!

Coming together with a natural breeze function, the nanoe X Ceiling Fan generates a gentle breeze by automatically controlling the wind force for optimal comfort during the day and night. This natural breeze is akin to that feeling you get when you’re chilling by the beach.

Looking to equip your home with cleaner, cooler air? These Panasonic products are now retailing at these prices:

Panasonic nanoe X Air Purifier

– F-PXV50AKM (RM1,699)

– VXK70AWM (RM2,599)

Panasonic nanoe X Ceiling Fan

– F-M15MEVBKRH (Long pipe, RM1,129)

– F-M15MEVBKQH (Short pipe, RM1,129)

You can find these products at all Panasonic dealers as well as authorised platforms and marketplaces. Find out more about them through their official website!

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