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Malaysians Share Things We Do To Avoid Chores At Home Just Cause We’re Malas

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Have you ever come up with excuses to avoid washing the dishes or doing laundry at home? ;P

We asked Malaysians what was the craziest thing they’ve done to avoid chores at home, and here’s what they said:

1. “Bribery works 10 out of 10, especially on my siblings”

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“Our parents assigned a schedule whereby we’d each take turns washing the dishes at night. I used to have to wash on Wednesdays and Saturdays, which sucked ’cause I couldn’t make plans on the weekend.

“So, I would often entice my younger siblings to do it for me by belanja-ing them with bubble tea or other snacks.”

– Dina, 28 years old

2. “I travelled to another state, so I could escape my mum’s nagging to clean my room”

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“For context, I lived in Johor and my boarding school was in Ipoh. One time, my mum was yelling at me to clean my room before leaving for Ipoh.

“I didn’t wanna do it, so I rushed to the bus that would take me straight back to school. Halfway through the journey, I realised I had forgotten to bring along my schoolbag. I curse my stupidity till this day.”

– Jenny, 32 years old

3. “I realised that I could skip doing chores if I faked being sick”

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“Me and my husband constantly bicker about the house chores, since neither of us enjoy doing them. When I fell sick, suddenly he was doing all the chores and all I had to do was rest.

“I felt kinda bad, but I decided to pretend to be sick for a few extra days, even after I was feeling better lol. I stayed under the covers with the fan switched off, so I’d stay warm and be all sweaty.”

– Syaira, 34 years old

4. “I sneakily installed a dishwasher at my in-laws’ place while they were on vacation”

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“My MIL cooks every night, and I end up having to help with the dishes all the time. And the thing is that she cooks multiple dishes using multiple pots and pans… so you can imagine the amount of washing.

“One long weekend, my in-laws were on a holiday with my husband, and I couldn’t tahan already, so I took the chance to install a dishwasher at their house. When they got back, my MIL was furious and scolded me for being a lazy daughter-in-law.

“But after a few nights of convincing, she finally relented. And oh my, she was surprised it was so easy, time-saving, and could even be controlled from an app! Now, she can’t live without her dishwasher.”

– Tina, 33 years old

5. “I used to stock up on disposable cups to make coffee to-go”

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“In college, I drank coffee every day, but I couldn’t bring myself to wash my cup or tumbler after finishing my drink in the morning. So, I would just make it in a to-go paper cup, and throw it away once I was done with it.”

– Jesse, 24 years old

6. “Homework. This one always works, hehe.”

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“As a teenager, I would get out of doing chores by pretending to have a lot of homework to do or exams to study for. I mean, what Asian parent would say no to their kid finishing up their school work, amirite?

“I’d just need to be careful, in case my parents popped in to check on me. So, I always made sure to have a school book up, while I read a novel or comic underneath it.”

– Rachel, 29 years old

7. “My family literally didn’t see me for a whole week”

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“It was sem break, and I was glad to be home, but I was not glad to be doing chores.

“To avoid it, I would hang out with my friends all day and only come back when my parents fell asleep. It was to a point where they didn’t see me at home for a whole week.

“Then, guess who got a big scolding and had to do all the chores in the end?”

– Adam, 23 years old

8. “My siblings and I used to ‘bet’ on who would do the dishes at home”

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“One of the chores at home that we hated the most was doing the dishes. So, we invented a system to see which sibling would end up having to do it on a nightly basis.

“We’d play games like blackjack and Big 2, and the loser would have to do dishes that night. But he or she could double their bet (to either get a pass for chores or kena for both nights straight).

“Anyways, the year our parents decided to get a dishwasher was the happiest we ever were.”

– Alice, 28 years old

Based on our fellow Malaysians’ answers, it’s safe to assume that most of us generally do not enjoy doing house chores. 😛

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