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KFC Releases Cheeky Ad In KL Sentral That Throws Shade At Competitor

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Grab some popcorn y’all, ’cause KFC has just picked a fight with a popular competitor — and it’s spicy

Image via @koko6._ (TikTok)

TikTok user @koko6._ recently spotted a cheeky advertisement by the fried chicken fast food chain in KL Sentral.

In the video that has since gone viral, he zooms in to show a large TV screen playing the ad in the centre of the station.

The ad starts off innocently by promoting KFC’s crispy fried chicken slapped onto a burger, as sauce is drizzled all over it

Image via @koko6._ (TikTok)

For a good seven seconds, it all seems pretty normal. Until it gets to the end…

Here’s the ending:

Image via @koko6._ (TikTok)

In large letters, this sentence appears on the screen: “Yang ori ada kat atas. Bawah ni tak ori,” which simply translates to, “The original one is upstairs. The one downstairs isn’t the original.”

The video then pans to “the one downstairs” and here’s what he finds:

Image via @koko6._ (TikTok)

Image via @koko6._ (TikTok)

Welp. Let the war begin.

Image via GIPHY

You can watch the full video below:


damn @KFC Malaysia

original sound – kokorodesu – kokorodesu

Gotta love it when companies bash each other in a light-hearted fashion:

It’s no secret that Singapore and Malaysia are always jokingly roasting each other, too. But in an unlikely turn of events, one Singaporean woman recently thought otherwise:

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