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JKR Sarawak: Cost estimate for RM50,000 Bekenu jetty based on village chief’s choice of belian wood

The newly constructed wooden jetty at Kampung Mutap in Bekenu. — Picture from JKR Sarawak’s Facebook page via Borneo Post

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MIRI, April 11 — Sarawak Public Works Department (JKR Sarawak) has clarified that the cost estimation to build the new wooden jetty at Kampung Mutap in Bekenu was made based on its schedule of rate for the year 2020 with the rate of RM9,000 per metre cube for the belian timber used for the construction which is lower than current market price.

In responding to enquiries about the project’s budget cost amounting to RM50,000, JKR Sarawak said the cost estimation for the Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) project also took into account of the condition of the road access which is an estate road to Kampung Mutap, logistics and safety as the area is infested with crocodiles.

“Within the budget of RM50,000, we managed to design a jetty which is 15 metres in length with two staircases,” it said in a press statement yesterday.

In giving a chronology of the project execution, JKR Sarawak said JKR Miri went to the village for a site visit on Sept 21, last year.

“We proposed a steel jetty as it is very robust but the downside is it is much more expensive and less area of the jetty can be constructed compared to belian timber (jetty).

“Because of that, the village chief rejected it and preferred belian timber (jetty).”

JKR Sarawak said the design requested by the village chief during the site visit was a 30-metre-long jetty with a timber hut.

“Our officer informed the village chief that her request was not possible due to the limited budget (RM50,000). She agreed that we design the jetty as per the allocated budget permitted.”

JKR Sarawak said on the village chief’s part, she will request for another funding from Bekenu assemblywoman Datuk Rosey Yunus to carry out the second phase of the jetty project.

“The balloting for the tender was held at Miri Resident office on Nov 30, last year which was chaired by the Resident with other committee members from other government agencies. The chosen contractor during balloting for this project was Bukit Balat Company.”

JKR Sarawak said the letter of award was issued on Feb 21 with the contract to commence on March 7 and due for completion on June 6.

“The site was handed over to the contractor on Feb 28 and the project was completed on April 6. JKR Miri and the village chief conducted a final inspection for the project and both parties were satisfied with the work done by the contractor. Thus, the belian timber jetty was handed over to the village chief.”

Meanwhile, Rosey when contacted by The Borneo Post, hoped that the explanation given by JKR Sarawak will be able to clear all the misunderstandings on the project.

She said the people should get an explanation from the project implementing agency instead of making self-judgement. — Borneo Post

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