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“It’s A Harsh Reality” – M’sian In Her 20s Shares Life Woes, RM2K Salary & Having No Car

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A 27-year-old Malaysian recently shared her struggles with life as a young adult who is in her late 20s

In her Facebook confession, the woman stated that she still has no driver’s licence and does not own a car or a house, making her feel like she is behind in life.

She added that she graduated from college with first-class honours, but it does not mean anything in her life now as she still makes less than RM2,000 at her current job.

“I received the Student’s Role Model Award while studying for the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM). But right now, I wish I hadn’t gotten it in the first place, knowing it gives me hope that it can help me in my life,” she said.

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The woman stated that she does not have a boyfriend at her age, and it pains her to see her cousins and friends starting families

“My friends and cousins already have their second child. I feel like dying every day knowing this is the life meant for me,” she said.

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She recently had dinner with a friend, and she said that her friend broke down in tears because she is also struggling with her life

“I did not know what to say, all I could do was listen to her and try to console her,” she said.

“I understand what she feels. In fact, most of us here do. Everyone is struggling.”

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While most people would offer words of encouragement to someone who has lost hope, some netizens took advantage of the situation to slam the woman

One Facebook user commented, “You’re unhappy because you complain about everything and focus on what you don’t have; just stop. There are people out there who do not have food on the table, are disabled, or are sick with cancer.”

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“Do you think you’re the only one having problems? Many people are also struggling, but how they face and handle problems will outweigh the bad times. Welcome to a world filled with twists and turns,” said another.

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However, some Facebook users commented that they could relate to the woman’s confession.

“You are not alone. I feel like burning my certificates too, I don’t see a point in keeping them anymore,” said a Facebook user.

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Another user commented, “It is worse when your parents are also putting you down by saying you are a failure in life.”

Image via Gags Malaysia (Facebook)

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

If you or anyone you know is lonely, distressed, or having negative thoughts, please call these Malaysian hotlines:



Contact: +603-76272929

Email: [email protected]

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