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“It Was Only Her First Day” – M’sian Woman Bravely Protects Colleague During A Robbery

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A video recently went viral showing a dental clinic in Bandar Bangi, Selangor, being robbed by two men in helmets wielding a machete on Monday, 7 November

In the one-minute clip, a woman can be seen running after the robbers and pulling back her handbag that they snatched.

The robbers swung their machete a few times while she was fighting to reclaim her handbag, indicating that they were not afraid to slash the woman with the weapon.

Afraid that her colleague would be hurt during the dangerous commotion, Kim Atiqah, the clinic’s staff member, stepped in front of the robbers while hugging and pulling her colleague away from them.

Image via @hrzhnffff (Twitter)

Kim Atiqah said that she did not want to be a hero, but rather was concerned for the safety of her colleague and wanted her to be safe

She went on to say that her colleague begged the robbers to take her money but leave her bag behind because it contained some important items.

“She is a new employee at the clinic, and that was also her first day. It was heartbreaking for her to have to go through this,” said Kim Atiqah.

Kim Atiqah burst into tears after saving her colleague and stated that the incident had shaken her so much that all she wanted to do at the time was hug her mother.

“I pray no one will go through things like this, and may all of us be under the Almighty’s protection,” she said.

Image via @whizenkruz (TikTok)

Five individuals, including two of the suspects seen in the video, have since been arrested

The machete used in the case, as well as other loot, were confiscated, as shown by Kajang District Police Chief ACP Mohd Zaid Hassan, according to Bernama.

Kim Atiqah said that after the video went viral, the public helped by sharing information with the police.

“The Kajang District Police Headquarters (IPD) did a very good job. Their fast actions led to the successful arrest,” she said.

Image via Bernama

While the footage was terrifying, Kim Atiqah’s reaction caught netizens’ attention and they thanked her for her bravery

One user said she cried watching the video because the nurse showed her concern for others and made sure that everyone was safe.

Image via @whizenkruz (TikTok)

“Good job dear. You are strong, resilient, brave, and brilliant,” said another.

Image via @whizenkruz (TikTok)

Watch Kim Atiqah recount the incident here:

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Meanwhile, a young woman saved herself and her store from suffering financial losses in a robbery attempt in Kajang:

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