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Is the stylus making a comeback?

The stylus offers unparalleled precision when it comes to typing. – Shutterstock pic

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SAN FRANCISCO, April 14 – By releasing a mid-range smartphone model with a stylus, Motorola is bringing back a tool that may prove to be more practical than first appears.

In the 2000s, the stylus was nearly always associated with the personal digital assistant (PDA) or even the first BlackBerry models. Then, with the rise of smartphones, it fell into disuse, a tech has-been. Samsung is the only mainstream brand to be an outlier on the tool, bringing it back to the forefront but only with high-end models – first with its Galaxy Note range and then with its Galaxy S21 and S22 Ultra models.

Of course, anyone who wishes can purchase a separate stylus, as very few of today’s smartphones come with one. But Motorola is betting on the return of this accessory with its new Moto G Stylus, available first in 4G and, soon to be available in a 5G version. While the price and availability of the 5G version have not yet been announced, the Moto G Stylus 4G is priced at just US$299 (RM1,265) in the US. Therefore this mid-range device, even in its 5G version, should be much more affordable than the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which starts at US$1,199 for those who want a smartphone with a dedicated stylus.

Why use a stylus?

Using a stylus on a touch screen instead of a finger has many advantages, whether for taking handwritten notes, drawing or simply to avoid leaving fingerprints on the screen. Above all, the stylus has the advantage of being much more precise than the finger when using the keyboard, clicking on a very small surface or selecting a text or a specific zone. Another advantage, and not the smallest, is that a stylus allows you to use your smartphone in all kinds of weather, even when it’s cold, without having to remove your gloves. – ETX Studio

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