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Influencer Rents RM1.5 Million LaFerrari And Crashes It Within 3 Seconds Of Driving It

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A Chinese influencer by the name of Hua Zi (transliteration), recently rented a Ferrari for the purpose of featuring the luxury vehicle in a video on his social media.

However, within three seconds of driving the car, he accidentally crashed it.

A Bilibili video uploaded on 30 October, showed the influencer looking distressed as he sat on the side of a curb while someone captured the extent of the damages sustained by the Ferrari.

He rented a LaFerarri, a limited edition hybrid sports car built by Italian automotive manufacturer Ferrari, which has a price tag of around RM1.5 million.

Hua Zi allegedly accidentally stepped on the accelerator and crashed it into a wooden platform. The right rear wheel of the vehicle was shown to be wedged into the corner of the platform, while a part of the trim of the LaFerrari was shown to be torn off.

Image via Bilibili

Image via Bilibili

Image via Bilibili

Having no choice, Hua Zi had to reluctantly call the owner to the scene and tell him what happened

According to SETN, Hua Zi had rented the LaFerrari from another Internet celebrity who goes by the online moniker, President Ji Meng (transliteration), and features luxury sports cars as his online content.

A female talent was also present during the incident and was inside the car when it crashed. It was discovered that Hua Zi had hired her as talent to feature in his video.

Unfortunately, because of the influencer’s carelessness, the filming was cut short. However, the female talent was still compensated RMB5000 (RM3,200) for her troubles.

Image via Bilibili

Due to the damages sustained, the value of the LaFerrari had depreciated by approximately RM150,000 overnight

Not only that, the damages racked up a maintenance bill of over RMB30,000 (RM20,000).

Fortunately for Hua Zi, he was only asked to pay for the damages.

However, according to the SETN news report, President Ji Meng took the same LaFerrari out for a ride after it was repaired and damaged the car again.

The content creator had allegedly tried to drive the car onto a ledge and the sports car got stuck. The Internet personality tried to move the car forward but because the frame of the LaFerrari was too low, it got damaged in the process.

The luxury vehicle had to be taken in for repairs a second time.

President Ji Meng’s LaFerrari getting stuck on a platform.
Image via SETN

You can watch the full video of the incident below:

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