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“I Expect To Leave On Time” – 26YO M’sian Frustrated With Office’s Toxic Stay-Back Culture

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A 26-year-old Malaysian man recently made a confession on Reddit about his current company’s toxic work culture

In his confession post, the man said that he had just started working at his new office.

While he was happy with his salary, he noticed that the company had a toxic work culture in which those who stayed late for work were regarded as hard workers.

He went on to say that he arrived at work earlier than his colleagues every day and completed his work on time.

“I’m the only person who comes in before 9am. So when I finish work for the day, I expect that I can go back on time,” he said.

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According to the man, his coworkers made subtle remarks and teased him for always leaving the office before anyone else

He had previously heard whispers about him behind his back but had ignored them until a 27-year-old colleague pulled him to the side.

“I’m not telling you what to do, but when I first started, I waited for the seniors to leave before going home,” his coworker explained.

His colleague’s comments made him feel dissatisfied with his workplace because he did not see the point of staying late when he did not have any extra work to do.

“It is entirely different if there was some urgent work left undone. I wouldn’t mind taking some time to finish it, but this is such a waste of time because I have other better things to do,” he said.

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Netizens commented on the Reddit post, sharing their thoughts on the man’s situation

One user suggested that he ask his coworkers whether leaving the office early would still be a problem if he was able to complete his work on time.

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Another user said he should only work for the hours he was being paid for.

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A user commented that he should ignore his colleagues’ comments as the culture of staying back is outdated.

“I do not understand why most Malaysian bosses are so backward in their thinking and very reluctant to change,” replied another.

Image via Lalan2/Reddit

Read his full confession here.

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