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“I Considered Therapy” – Former Lawyer Shares Why She Resigned From Her High Paying Job

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A Malaysian woman shared her reasons for leaving her job as a lawyer and moving to a different industry in an anonymous Instagram confession

According to the Instagram post by @malaysianpaygap, a page that advocates salary transparency, the woman said she has worked in a law firm for four years, but her life has never been better since working as an Assistant Manager of a bank.

She added that she made RM5,000 monthly at her old job as a lawyer, but it was not worth it as she had no work-life balance.

“I always go home between 11pm and 2am, and I have to be back at the office by 9am,” she said.

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She also said that if she was not working on weekends, she would spend her free time worrying about all of her pending work

To make matters worse, the woman added that she was used to being yelled at if she failed to deliver her best to the firm’s clients.

“At one point, I considered going to therapy,” she said.

After tendering her resignation, the firm finally offered her a double increment with three months performance bonus. Still, she did not accept the offer as she said that her “mental health is more important”.

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She admitted that she still suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of her previous job, but she is happy with her current company’s work culture

The woman said that she never fails to leave on time at her new job as her immediate boss would also leave on time.

She added that she no longer has to work on weekends, and there is no more yelling culture.

“My boss will take charge of the things I have no experience handling. I get a decent salary of RM6,500 and great medical benefits,” she said.

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While she enjoyed her job as a lawyer, she realised that it did not benefit her mental health in the long run

“Sure, I will have money to buy expensive things, but what is the use of expensive stuff if you do not have time to actually enjoy it,” she said.

Read the woman’s full confession here.

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