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Hotties From This Regency-Style Dating Show Look Like They’re Straight Out Of ‘Bridgerton’

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The Courtship is a new, ongoing reality dating show on NBC set in the Regency era with 16 men and one woman.

It’s like The Bachelorette, except the suitors live in a castle with one woman, and all of them are dressed in Bridgerton periodcostumes.

In the show, the 16 men, who come from the US, UK, Spain, and South Korea, must learn the basics of 18th-century British etiquette, in order to win over Nicole Remy, the bachelorette’s, heart.

Each episode sends the men on a challenge or Regency-era activity, and by the end, Nicole has to bid farewell to eliminated contestants.

1. Alex King

Alex is a 35-year-old online fitness coach from San Diego, who moved to the US from the Dominican Republic after the death of his mum in 2021.

He gravitated towards poetry and writing song lyrics as a kid, which helped him explore his ability to self express. Alex is looking for a life-long commitment with “someone who allows him to be himself”.

2. Caleb Ward

Caleb is a 24-year-old digital content creator from Hampton, Virginia and the first person in his family to graduate from college. He even went on to achieve a master’s degree. Caleb loves planning romantic dates and is looking for a girl who is “kind-hearted, family-focused, independent, and open-minded”.

3. Chandler Luxe

Chandler is a 24-year-old R&B/soul singer from Charlotte, North Carolina and who currently lives in Los Angeles. He is a Pokemon card connoisseur who has dreams of making it big in the music industry. He hopes to find a woman “who can keep up”.

4. Charlie Mumbray

Charlie is a 25-year-old personal trainer and model from Kent, England. He’s passionate about skiing, cooking, and baking. Although he grew up in a small town, he’s travelled quite a bit, spending a few years in Southeast Asia, Australia, and Europe.

5. Christian Lee Cones

Christian is a 25-year-old IT support manager from Los Angeles. Having grown up in a pretty strict household, he didn’t start dating until his early 20s. He’s looking for love with a woman who “possesses an honest heart, sense of humour, and hunger for living life,” and he hopes to impress her with his fluent Portuguese.

6. Dan Hunter

Dan is a 32-year-old travel company owner from Los Angeles. Most of his childhood was spent travelling the world by sailboat with his family. He says he goes out of his way to “give butterflies to his special someone,” and is hoping to find a special woman to join him on his adventures.

7. Daniel Bochicchio

Daniel is a 31-year-old real estate agent from Staten Island, New York. Having received a perfect model of marriage from his parents, Daniel says he’s looking for a woman who “is not only the complete package, but will weather storms”. He loves traveling, staying active, and his rescue dog, Bo Peep.

8. Danny Kim

Danny is a 31-year-old former Air Force captain from Seoul, South Korea. After being honourably discharged from the military, Danny became a confidence coach for men. Having overcome his fair share of heartbreak, he says he has finally gotten to a place where he’s “ready to share his life with someone willing to grow with him”.

9. Derek Kesseler

Derek is a 31-year-old digital marketing manager from Vancouver, Canada. Raised in Beaumont, Alberta, Derek is an outdoorsy person who loves spontaneity. He seeks out books and podcasts that can teach him something new and is “ready to impress a date with his Canadian cuisine and small-town charm”.

10. Giuseppe Castronovo

Giuseppe is a 27-year-old pizzeria owner from Point Pleasant, New Jersey.As a part-owner of the family business that he started with his dad and a member of a huge Italian family, he’s looking for someone whose stomach he can fill with food and whose heart with laughter.

11. Jaquan Holland

Jaquan is a 30-year-old school teacher and model from Long Island, New York. He describes himself as a “ball of positive energy” with hobbies, such as photography, reading, and the arts. Tired of the superficial dating scene, he’s ready to connect on a deeper level with someone special.

12. Jarrett Schanzer

Jarrett is a 35-year-old aesthetic clinician and anesthesiologist from Miami.After surviving an airplane crash when he was nine, he dedicated his life to helping others preserve theirs. Along with his interest in fitness and nutrition, Jarrett is also a comedy buff who loves “entertaining others with his playful personality”.

13. Lewis Echavarria

Lewis is a 26-year-old mortgage advisor from Miami. Raised in the Dominican Republic, he previously played professional baseball until he sustained an injury that ended his pitching career. As a self-described “huge romantic”, Lewis is looking for a “forever love” filled with cooking, dancing, and big family.

14. Lincoln Chapman

Lincoln is a 25-year-old model from Nashville. As an adventure seeker who spends his spare time traveling the country in his van, Lincoln also loves hiking, running with his dog, and watching Matthew McConaughey rom-coms.

15. Nate Shanklin

Nate is a 34-year-old singer/songwriter and IT recruiter from California. He loves being outdoors and boxing. Having sung in bands growing up, Nate’s current passion is in music and loves showering his partner with affection.

16. Peter Saffa

Peter is a 23-year-old social media manager from Missouri. Between working out, gaming, and starting his own fitness clothing line, Peter has a lot on his plate. He considers himself as a “true hopeless romantic” and believes that the key to a woman’s heart is a candlelit dinner and a bottle of red wine.

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