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Homestay Cleaner In Disbelief After Guests Trashed House & Told Her To Burn Their Deposit

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A homestay cleaner from Cameron Highlands, Pahang, was recently upset to find the rental home she usually cleans at completely trashed by irresponsible guests

“[They are] customers from hell,” Nur Izzati Nadia wrote on her Facebook account on 8 October to share her frustration after discovering the mess a family left at the homestay over the weekend.

She posted photos of the house as she found it, which showed used utensils and leftover food on the dining table, a pile of trash sitting in the kitchen, and a cake that was melting in the fridge.

The cleaner said the guests had only stayed for two nights, but had quickly turned the home into an unrecognisable “jungle”.

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

Besides the mess, she showed that the guests had also moved and broken some of the furniture

“I’m sorry to say all this, but I have to. Do you think it’s so easy to clean all this?” she vented online.

“You moved the furniture as you liked and didn’t put it back, then you also didn’t throw your own rubbish away and dirtied the rest of my home.”

Nadia told her concerned followers that the guests had also blatantly told her to keep the deposit they paid to the owner, knowing that they had made a mess in the house.

“So you think that because you paid, you could do whatever you wanted? Absolutely no human decency!” she chided.

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

The post has gone viral with over 200 shares, with netizens sharing their sympathy with the homestay cleaner

“Ya Allah… I’m speechless, and when we confront them, they get angry,” commented a Facebook user.

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“I, too, have gotten [guests] as bad as this. Cleaning the house alone took me four hours. I didn’t know whether I wanted to cry or be angry,” another said.

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Meanwhile, other users agreed that it was common courtesy to leave homestays as clean as they found them at check-in.

“Really [unsophisticated]. We always rent apartments or studios that we can cook in and my husband will even bring our own plastic trash bags. Easy to throw the trash out,” a netizen commented.

Image via Facebook

A hotel manager once took to social media to remind travellers to have basic manners and clean up after themselves:

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