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“Heaven On Earth” — This Public Toilet In Kelantan Comes With A TV, Air Con & Hot Shower

Cover image via
@azmi_anisa (TikTok)

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TikTok user @azmi_anisa uploaded the video on Saturday, 6 November along with a caption that read, “If you want to try a modern toilet, can come here.”

The clip garnered over 656,700 views and 48,100 likes.

Above the toilet, there’s a sign which states that the place is “like heaven on earth”.

“Looks normal, but inside, it’s abnormal,” the user wrote.

There’s a massive grille at the entrance in the shape of the Football Association Challenge Cup (FA Cup) trophy.

Inside, the toilet is decked with different design elements. There were tiles on the walls and floor with different motifs, and there were other decorative pieces such as frames and fake flowers.

There’s also a box of traditional medicine in the toilet — in case you’re feeling under the weather — alongside a bunch of other stuff such as a landline phone, hairdryer, and radio.

Oh, and did we mention that entrance is completely free? However, there is a sign in the toilet that reminds people not to spend too much time inside so that others will also have a chance to answer the call of nature.


klu nk merasa tandas moden bleh dtg sini #kelate #fyp

nhac nen – KenoBeat – KenoBeat

The decor may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, at least it’s clean and comfy!

Batu 13, Jalan Pasir Puteh,
Pekan Melor,
16400 Melor,

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