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Have You Noticed The Different Text Bubble Colours On iMessage? Here’s What It Means

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If you’re an Apple user, you probably use iMessage a lot

Image via Kim Komando

iMessage is universally loved by Apple users everywhere because it is both convenient and feature-rich.

With the iMessage, you get to have a more refined texting experience. You can share stickers, make groups, share songs, and even access the messages through your MacBook if you own one.

Additionally, when you send over media files through iMessage, the receiving person will receive the photo or video you sent in its full quality.

But have you ever wondered, why are some chat bubbles blue and some green? Well, there may be a pretty significant reason behind it.

Image via 9To5Mac

Apparently, to differentiate Apple and Android users on iMessage, the developers made green and blue chat bubbles.

If the person sends you a text using an Apple device, you’ll see a blue chat bubble. On the other hand, if an Android user sends an SMS to you, it’ll pop up in a green chat bubble instead.

Here’s why.

There’s an obvious colour contrast between the blue and green iMessage chat bubbles

According to UX Collective, the blue Apple picked out provides better contrast against its fixed white text compared to Android’s green.

They also note that the green text bubble doesn’t even pass the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) accessibility test that designers use to gauge how information regarding text, information, and sound would be received to people with disabilities, garnering a low score of 2.18.

Image via UX Collective

Looking at the image above, you can see a clear distinction between the colour contrasts of the two message bubbles, and it’s obvious that the text reads better on the blue.

Additionally, text that you receive from businesses and cellphone carriers will appear in grey

Image via SAYS (Edited by Smartmockups)

The more you know, huh? 😛

Apple was recently fine RM89 million by Brazilian courts for selling iPhones without chargers:

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