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Guys, Remember The Buzz Around This Mysterious Thumb? We Finally Have An Answer!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Tune Protect.

ICYMI, there has been a lot of buzz circulating a mysterious thumb

In fact, we published an article about it too, ’cause we were equally confused by the whole thumb thing going on.

Here’s a recap of what basically happened: We got wind that Tune Protect would be releasing something really cool soon, but the only clue we received was a thumb and the words ‘CLICK TO START’.

And now, the mystery is solved! 😛

Finally, after weeks of anticipation, Tune Protect has revealed the particular thumb, which… *drum rolls* turned out to be their official ambassador who loves living its life in epic ways, oooo! 😮

Watch the full video below:

Known as T.P, it is unlike any other insurance ambassador. Well, duh, ’cause it’s a thumb. 😛

Carefree and perhaps a little overconfident (hehe), T.P is truly one of a kind. Living by the famous “YOLO” mantra, the thumb is a risk-taker, bold, and possibly the most hipster ambassador you’ll come across.

Mention the latest trends or challenges to T.P, and you’ll be impressed by how much it knows. A personality like no other, this epic thumb is everything you want in an ambassador!

But you may be wondering, how exactly did T.P end up as Tune Protect’s official ambassador?

“CLICK TO START” is T.P’s iconic catchphrase, and that’s exactly what it wants you to do!

T.P is passionate about insurance, so much so that Tune Protect appointed it their official ambassador ’cause they want you to get fantastic protection plans right at your… you guessed it, fingertips!

Representing your thumb, T.P wants to show you how you can purchase and claim Tune Protect’s insurance plans on the Tune Protect app via your smartphone.

It wants to take you on a seamless insurance journey. It said, “Why go through such a hassle? Just download Tune Protect, and CLICK TO START!” 😉

In fact, T.P goes through a lot of effort to show you its best side. Here’s a look at what goes behind the scenes:

Tune Protect, together with T.P, is on a mission to offer simplified insurance to all Malaysians

Image via Tune Protect

Insurance is, without a doubt, critical to own — a fact that Tune Protect is more than aware of, and hence, strives to offer a hassle-free, fast, and straightforward process of purchasing insurance.

T.P even noted, “You can subscribe to insurance in your way, on your terms and within your control. No complicated commitment nor anxiety over the insurance credibility.”

You also don’t need to provide any documents when purchasing insurance from Tune Protect. Instead, you only need your smartphone and your thumb.

“Purchasing insurance doesn’t have to be so formal or catered to the upper class only!” said T.P.

Gotta agree with that!

The best part? Whether you’re looking for insurance that covers your home, car, health, or holiday, Tune Protect has it all!

Image via Tune Protect (YouTube)

Tune Protect offers comprehensive and affordable (price starts from RM33 per month!) insurance plans that meet your needs.

The entire process, from signing up for an insurance plan to making your payment, is all within the Tune Protect app. Just a few clicks on your smartphone, and your insurance plan is good to go.

“Everything is 100% DIGITAL! So apt for young tech-savvy people like us. Don’t waste it, buddy!” T.P said.

That’s right — Tune Protect takes pride in their efficient and seamless service. It only takes three minutes to buy, three hours to receive a response, and three days to receive your claims upon approval. Nice lahhhh.

“It only takes a thumb to unlock an epic life. If I can do it, why can’t you?” said T.P.

Find out more about Tune Protect’s insurance plans, and how you can sign up by downloading the Tune Protect app available on the Apple App Store or Google Playstore today!

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