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Govt must grant Bumiputera status to Lakiput, Saban communities, says PBDSB

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MIRI, Dec 29 — Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDSB) has called on the state government to resolve the long-standing issue of Bumiputera status for the Lakiput and Saban communities in the state.

In a statement, PBDSB president Bobby William said the long-standing issue proved that minorities, particularly indigenous groups in Sarawak, continued to be neglected by the government of the day.

“(Being without) such recognition has relentlessly proved disadvantageous to certain Dayak native indigenous minorities, as proven and highlighted by the Saban and Lakiput.

“The appeal made in 2018 by the orang asal (natives) of Saban and Lakiput origins with regards to their ethnic status not being recognised as Bumiputera comes as a surprise to the Dayak communities in Sarawak,” he said.

He pointed out the two ethnic groups, which come under the umbrella of Orang Ulu, are not listed as Bumiputera under the Federal Constitution.

“This is why it is important to have the right voice in the State (Legislative) Assembly and Parliament representing the native people; to voice out such issues and agendas, especially for native indigenous communities, with many agendas still left unresolved such as Native Customary Rights (NCR), citizenship, education, and Bumiputera status,” he added. — The Borneo Post

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