KINABATANGAN, Nov 11 — The saying “small but mighty” aptly describes Mazliwati Abd Malek, the Parti Warisan (Warisan) candidate for Kinabatangan in the 15th General Election (GE15).

She is small built, but is highly spirited to face Sabah’s ‘political giant’, State Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin, in a straight fight for the parliamentary seat in her determination to give Warisan its maiden victory in Kinabatangan, which has long been a BN stronghold.

Mazliwati, 49, said she is ready for the one-on-one fight with Bung Moktar who is her cousin and with extensive experience in politics.

“This (Kinabatangan) is the only seat that involves a straight fight in Sabah (in GE15). I am facing an experienced person, a ‘political giant’ who has already served five terms (as a Kinabatangan Member of Parliament). I’m a new face. However, I have full confidence in the wisdom of the people (to choose),” she told Bernama.

Mazliwati, a law graduate from the University of London, said she is offering many changes and improvements for the people of Kinabatangan.

The eldest child of the late Datuk Abd Malek Chua, who was a Sabah political figure and served as Kuamut Assemblyman, said the changes she intended to bring to Kinabatangan included providing a more conducive education environment to produce a generation of Kinabatangans with a first-class mindset, as well as empowering the socio-economic development of the people.

Mazliwati, who joined politics in 2016, also outlined several key points in her manifesto, such as economic revolution as a measure to address the cost of living issue, as well as strengthen the health system for the people of Kinabatangan.

Meanwhile, Bung Moktar, when met during the GE15 nomination process last Nov 5, said he was confident of retaining the Kinabatangan seat after completing the nomination process on Nov 5, said he was confident of retaining the seat.

In GE14, Bung Moktar defeated Ghazali Abdul Ghani of Warisan and Mustapa Datu Tambuyong (Parti Harapan Rakyat Sabah) with a majority of 9,478 votes.

The Election Commission (EC) has set Nov 19 as the polling day for GE15, while early voting is on Nov15. — Bernama