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#GE15: No Way Home? Carpool Your Way To The Ballot Box With Other Fellow Malaysians

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Having trouble deciding how to get back home in time for the 15th General Election (GE15)?

This UndiBanjir initiative connects you with those who are carpooling to your destination.

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As part of the UndiBanjir initiative, @CarpoolGE15 was founded in 2018 by @nizambakeri and @AnnieVieeee to help Malaysians return home to vote. Through their #CarpoolGE15 hashtag, Twitter users have begun posting carpool vacancies to their respective destinations for fellow Malaysians who may also need a ride.

If you’re interested but worried about the risk and safety of carpooling with strangers, they have also posted a guideline on what you can do to stay safe

During these uncertain times, it’s good to remember these eight things highlighted in the guideline:

Verify your identification with the people you’ll be carpooling with by meeting with them face-to-face or via video call prior to the date of departing.

Calculate and allocate the travel costs respectively among carpool members to avoid possible conflict.

Avoid giving away personal information that may be incriminating throughout the journey.

Share your live location with your loved ones while on the journey to ensure your safety.

Choose a drop-off location that is safe and in the public eye instead of quiet, risky areas.

Prepare for the possibility of a flood, especially if your area is at a high risk. Pack essentials and survival kits in case you get stranded in a flood area.

If you’re a woman, try to get fellow female carpoolers to ensure your safety.

Make sure the car is in good condition and you have insurance.

Rundown of the guidelines on @CarpoolGE15.
Image via CarpoolGE15 (Twitter)

A lot of Malaysians have joined the initiative by offering rides to destinations like Terengganu and Penang

TO: MelakaFROM: Bayan Lepas, PenangDATE: 17-Nov (12.30pm) 21-Nov (10-11am)MEETING POINT: Boleh discussSEATS: 3 (Ladies only )CONTACT: DM@CarpoolGE15 #CarpoolGE15

— (@njrhmr) November 14, 2022

#CarpoolGE15 (Terengganu)To: Kuala Nerus, TerengganuFrom :Wangsa Maju, KLDate : 18/11/2022 (early morning)Meeting point: around Wangsa Maju/Setapak/Setiawangsa/Keramat AUSeat: 2 (female only)

— Naq (@Naquiyah90) November 9, 2022

#CarpoolGE15 PERAKTO: TaipingFROM: CyberjayaDATE: 17 NOV (7pm) MEETING POINT: Taco Bell CyberjayaSEATS: 2 seats availablePerks:- A cozy car- Hantar sampai depan rumah- Can be a quiet ride if you want- Might drive thru Starbucks before the ride- Occasional puns

— Puteri N. Balqis (@puteriarchy) November 14, 2022

If you’re driving back to your hometown and have extra space to spare, join in on this initiative by posting through their #CarpoolGE15 hashtag.

Here’s more information on #CarpoolGE15:

ANDA PEMANDU & NAK CARPOOL? 1- Kenal pasti lokasi mengundi.2- Pastikan akaun Twitter anda public.3- Tweet macam ni: #CarpoolGE15 [STATE]TO: [LOCATION]FROM: [LOCATION]DATE: XX NOVMEETING POINT: [LOCATION]SEATS: [NUMBER OF SEATS AVAILABLE]

— #CarpoolGE15 (@CarpoolGE15) October 20, 2022

To look for carpoolers heading to your destination, you can access their hashtag #CarpoolGE15 or check out their Telegram and website.

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Meanwhile, here are other avenues that are also helping Malaysians return home in time to vote for GE15:

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