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From Birth Mates To Friends To Lovers: Chinese Couple Get Married After 60 Years Apart

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Two Chinese individuals seem to be fated for one another as they were reunited and got married after spending 60 years apart

According to South China Morning Post, the two lovers, both currently aged 96 years old, were born just hours apart in 1926. The pair were said to have been close friends since birth as both their fathers owned a photo studio together in Shandong, eastern China.

Both families eventually moved together to Shanghai after the second Sino-Japanese War broke out in 1937.

Unfortunately, the pair began to drift apart and lost contact with one another after the woman’s family moved again to another part of China, a few years after settling in Shanghai.

Photos of the couple when they were younger (left) and their present photos (right).
Image via Toutiao.com/South China Morning Post

As fate would have it, the man met the woman’s younger brother at a retired workers’ dinner party in Shanghai in 2019, where he took the opportunity to reconnect with his long-lost friend

He asked the brother for the woman’s address and promptly went to visit her. At first, the woman claimed that she did not recognise her old companion, but six decades apart was no match for the years the pair had spent together as close confidants.

The duo were reportedly overjoyed to be reunited with one another.

“We were both very happy to see each other. We were both widowed and she wanted to find a partner. So I told her she can have me. It’s fate for us to meet each other again. Unexpected fate,” the man said.

Image via Toutiao.com/South China Morning Post

The childhood buddies turned lovers decided to finally tie the knot in 2020.

The pair were 94 years old when they got married.

The lovers now reside in a nursing home in Shanghai, where they plan to spend the rest of their remaining years together.

“It’s not like young people’s love between us. It’s caring for each other and looking after each other,” the woman told reporters, describing their deep care for one another.

The happy couple’s marriage certificate, dated 23 September 2020.
Image via Toutiao.com/South China Morning Post

On 4 September, a man was reunited with his long-lost sister after she was adopted out 43 years ago:

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