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Don’t Know What To Eat For Buka Puasa? Here Are 16 Food At Bazaars To Satisfy Your Craving

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Although some of the food served at bazaar stalls may be common offerings at mamak eateries or roadside stands, buying local delicacies at these yearly stall gatherings on one stretch of road is a tradition every Malaysian looks forward to in the lead up to Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

1. Cendol

2. Satay

3. Kuey Teow Basah

4. Murtabak

5. Popiah

6. Ikan Bakar

7. Nasi Tomato

8. Ayam Percik

9. Roti John

10. Keropok Lekor

11. Agar-agar

12. Apam Balik

13. Putu Bamboo

14. Roti Jala

15. (Literally every type of) Kuih-muih

16. Teh Ais

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