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Did You Know: We’ve Been Eating Rice Wrong This Whole Time

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Yes, it’s true. Eating rice last is actually a real (and healthier) thing.

As Malaysians, rice is our beloved staple food. We love to enjoy a plate of aromatic white rice with an assortment of flavourful side dishes. On average, we consume up to 82.3kgs per year.

However, did you know that how we’ve been eating rice is actually not the healthiest way?

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Apparently, eating our proteins first before carbohydrates helps lower our glucose level

According to Reuters Health, putting carbohydrates last will help people with diabetes keep their sugar levels under control. This new and proven study is highly important for diabetic patients, as it helps control their post-meal glucose levels and allows them to reduce insulin levels.

In a study reported by Medical News Today, when diabetic participants consumed vegetables and protein before carbohydrates (like bread and rice), the results showed that their glucose levels were lower than when carbohydrates were consumed first.

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Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have to completely eliminate rice from our daily diet to be healthy

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Instead, we are encouraged to focus more on the order that we eat our food as eliminating rice completely from our diet, when it has been ingrained as our staple food, may be difficult for most of us.

While eating rice last is the healthiest option by reducing glucose levels by 50%, eating rice mixed with all the proteins and vegetables is the second healthiest option by a 40% cut in glucose levels.

Therefore, if you’re planning to eat healthier, it’s best to practise moderation in food consumption.

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