KAMPAR, Oct 8 — The historical information signboard of the Second World War ‘Battle of Kampar’ was finally installed at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Kampar after several obstacles.

Chairman of the Malayan Historical Group Association (MHG) Shaharom Ahmad said his association’s desire to highlight the history of the Battle of Kampar as a tourism product had been achieved after a long time of trying to promote the historic location to the public.

“Today MHG in collaboration with SMK Kampar has successfully installed and inaugurated the new Battle of Kampar signage on the premises of the school’s history site.

“This new signboard displays information along with pictures in addition to a simple map that is easy to understand regarding the Battle of Kampar that took place from Dec 28, 1941 to Jan 2, 1942,” he said when met today.

He added that in August his party agreed and accepted the decision to remove the signboard at Green Ridge due to an incident regarding the signboard.

Before this, it went viral on social media showing the information signboard of the map and the description ‘Battle of Kampar’ had been removed and stolen by some irresponsible parties in early January.

Shaharom added that the signboard serves to educate visitors on the importance and relevance of the history of World War II in the country.

“Hopefully it will be an important reminder that peace should not be taken for granted and be a reminder of something that has happened before to prevent it from recurring in the future.

“We also hope that it can add value to the historical location and attract more tourists to visit the Kampar district,” he said. — Bernama