KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 12 — DAP’s incumbent MP Wong Tack said he is ready to face former MCA president Liow Tiong Lai in Bentong in the upcoming general election.

According to online news portal Malaysiakini, Wong said his office had previously stated in May that they were ready for all challenges.

Wong had contested against Liow twice, namely in GE13 and GE14, and successfully unseated the four-term Bentong MP Liow with a 2,023 majority votes in GE14.

However, DAP central executive committee has yet to announce its list of candidate for the upcoming GE15.

Pahang DAP secretary Lee Chin Chen then told Malaysiakini that the party has not finalised the candidacy for Bentong.

“Bentong would be a ‘tough seat’ for DAP and further discussion by the party leadership on its candidate is needed,” said the Bilut assemblyman.

Despite DAP’s claim, Wong believes that the party leadership would give him and his team a chance to defend Bentong.

“Bentong is my hometown, my team and I have established roots here. We have strong connections with the villagers and won the approval of the voters.

“Our performance will not disappoint,” said Wong.

Wong then accused Liow of failing to assist Bentong’s residents when they needed him the most.

“He failed to show up to help the people during the Covid-19 pandemic and when Bentong was hit by massive floods late last year.

“They are not waking up, but the people are well aware and have become disillusioned with MCA.

“That’s why on May 9, 2018, many corrupted leaders were brought down,” said Wong.

Bentong is a mixed parliamentary seat with 47 per cent Malay voters and 42 per cent Chinese voters. It has around 67,359 voters according to data in 2018.