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Coffee, tea or Nuni? This naughty cat loves hanging out at a cafe

When he’s not busy watching people at 2nd Space Cafe in Seremban, Nuni hangs around at home. (Li Yi pic)

We’ve all heard the many ways a name has been transformed into something else – whether by accident or as a result of ‘baby talk’ with pets.

Such is the case with Nuni, whose original name ‘Looney’ was given a whole new meaning and sound thanks to Li Yi’s mother, who kept calling him Nuni. And just like that, everyone in the family followed her stead and accepted the adorable change in name.

But don’t let the sweet-sounding name fool you. Li Yi says Nuni is a naughty orange cat with personality in that he likes to be alone, but enjoys attention … from a distance. Li Yi says she wouldn’t have it any other way, though.

“Before adopting Nuni, I was more of a dog person but after living in a guesthouse in Busan with two cats for close to two months, I became a crazy cat lady,” laughed Li Yi.

Right before she came back to Malaysia, Li Yi was told of a little orange cat in need of a new home via Instagram. Li Yi immediately said yes, despite the warning that the feline was extremely naughty and aggressive.

The aggressive Nuni in action, and at rest. (Li Yi pic)

Things weren’t as hectic, however, and Li Yi says she enjoyed her time spent with Nuni.

“We had bedtime and morning cuddles, went to the bathroom together and chilled with my housemates. Whenever I took him to my campus during my university days, he would get a lot of attention from the other students.”

Li Yi says these things seem very mundane to the rest, but it means a lot to her now that she’s working in Kuala Lumpur while Nuni stays behind with her parents in Seremban.

Back in her hometown, Li Yi is a regular customer at a particular cafe called 2nd Space. She would often bring Nuni with her in a spaceship bag, and they would both hang out at the cafe together. In time, Nuni became known as a regular as well.

“Whenever I go there, which happens once a month or so, the first thing the regulars do when they see me is to look down at my feet to see if the spaceship bag is there,” laughs Li Yi.

The staff and baristas at 2nd Cafe, Seremban have even taken aesthetic photos of Nuni at the cafe. (Li Yi pic)

When they’re not at the cafe, however, Nuni would get up to no good at Li Yi’s parent’s home.

“When the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented, Nuni chewed on the Wi-Fi wire in my Seremban house, and my parents ended up with no internet for two months until the staff could come over and fix it!” says an exasperated Li Yi, who added that it was indeed a good thing that her parents had enough mobile data to last until then.

“He likes to eat canned food and only canned food, but we are currently working on getting him to stop eating wires.”

Despite how naughty he is and even after chewing the internet cables to the point of no return, Nuni still gets showered a lot of attention, confesses Li Yi.

Knowing that Nuni is afraid of thunder, Li Yi’s mother goes the extra mile to make him a pillow fort whenever it rains.

“He is also scared of loud noises in general, including my dad’s sneezes – but there’s not much we can do about that!”

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