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Chlorine Is Not Why You Get Red Eyes After A Swim, It’s Something Far More Disgusting

You just finished a nice long swim in the pool and you get bloodshot eyes, but before you start putting the blame on chlorine. Here’s something you should know…

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Contrary to popular belief, it’s not chlorine itself that reddens your eyes. It’s the chemical reaction when chlorine reacts with PEE.

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According to a report by Healthy Swimming Program, an initiative started by CDC (Centres For Disease Control and Prevention) – chemical mixtures are formed when chlorine is mixed up with urine and sweat

Aside from urine and sweat – things like make up, natural oils, personal care products and yes, even fecal matter can all help form chloramine

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Which is why you should always SHOWER before dipping into the pool.

Here’s another fun fact about chlorine – it’s not supposed to smell. In fact, a well-chlorinated pool should have no odour at all. If the pool you’re planning to dive in smells – it’s a sign that it needs some cleaning.

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Before you think that there’s some sort of mechanism that’ll prevent people from peeing in the pool – there isn’t and that urine indicator dye doesn’t exist

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So to make our pools a safer and healthier environment – make sure you shower before dipping in and try not peeing in the pool for once. Can do?

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Meanwhile, these Russian boys turned their home into a swimming pool…

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