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British YouTube Family Pick Best Spots For Food, Weather & More After Travelling Malaysia

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A British-Pakistani family of three recently travelled all throughout Malaysia and documented their exciting adventures on TikTok

Known on YouTube as Field of Visions, Nadia, Irfan, and baby Zakariya have been touring the country, unfolding everything special that there is to Malaysia.

Discovering the beauty of every nook and cranny Malaysia has to offer, their trip has been nothing short of mesmerising from start to finish.

Nadia, Irfan, and baby Zakariya.
Image via @fieldofvisions (TikTok)

After touring the country from top to bottom, the trio took to their page and gave out a few ‘awards’ for selected categories based on their travel

The categories up for grabs were: Most Picturesque, Most Underrated, Best Food Scene, and All Round Weather.

‘Handing out’ each ‘award’, the family clipped together a series of millisecond videos, trimmed together from their experiences while at each location.

And the awards go to (drumroll please!)…

Most Underrated: Sabah

Best Food Scene: Kuala Lumpur

Most Picturesque: Penang

All Round Weather: Cameron Highlands

Some of the travel shots from the video.
Image via @fieldofvisions (TikTok)

Since posting, the TikTok has received over 200,000 views and 20,000 likes — with Malaysians pouring in from every corner to chime in on their selections

A slew of comments thanked Field of Visions for visiting Malaysia and highlighting the beauty there is to offer.

Image via @fieldofvisions (TikTok)

Providing some alternatives for the trio to check out, should they return to Malaysia, a couple of commenters even suggested travelling to certain places in the country for different experiences.

“If you’re a food hunter, Penang, Kelantan, and Terengganu are food heavens!” said one person.

Image via @fieldofvisions (TikTok)

Delightfully, the family mentioned in multiple responses that they will return to Malaysia in time, as there is much more to be explored.

Image via @fieldofvisions (TikTok)

Image via @fieldofvisions (TikTok)

Earlier this year, the family announced their intentions to travel the world, and leave the UK for good to return to Pakistan

As stated in a video on their YouTube channel, the couple had travelled around the world back in 2019. However, Nadia and Irfan decided to reignite the adventure once more, but this time, with adorable baby Zakariya.

Having visited Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia thus far, the family is currently exploring Indonesia — and from the looks of their TikTok page, are having the time of their lives!

The couple has also uploaded some of their adventures in Malaysia to their TikTok account, which include going scuba diving in Sabah, picking strawberries in Cameron Highlands, and eating cendol in Penang.

Some of the TikTok videos by Field of Visions from Malaysia.
Image via @fieldofvisions (TikTok)

To keep up and follow Nadia, Irfan, and baby Zakariya, check out their YouTube channel, Instagram page, TikTok account, and other profiles.

Watch the full TikTok video of their best spots in Malaysia below:

@fieldofvisions And the award goes to #travelmalaysia #malaysiatiktok #malaysiavacation #sabah #cameronhighlands #kualalumpur #penang Run Boy Run – Woodkid

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