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British Guy Sums Up Why He’s Hesitant To Accept Favours From People Of Other Nationalities

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Curiosity struck when a Malaysian man questioned why people in the UK are skeptical about accepting favours from others

A Malaysian TikTok user got curious and asked the question in a 25-second video: “Why is it that when someone offers to do something nice for you, you don’t answer with ‘Yes’, (instead) you say ‘Are you sure?'”

He also gave an example of a situation where he reenacts a conversation with a friend as if he were at a shop and gave them a call to see if they wanted anything.

“Oh, do you mind just grabbing me a loaf of bread, but if you can’t, that’s fine because I was going to the shops anyways,” he mimicked an imaginary reply.

The TikToker found it puzzling, as they could have just said ‘Yes’ to the offer.


I’m always tempted to say ‘No’ when people question my niceness #uk

original sound – Kurtious

In response, a British guy stitched his video and explained why

“I just think we feel guilty and we are in no position to ask for favours, due to the fact that we colonised most of the world,” the British TikToker said in the 31-second video.

He then responded to the situation that was mentioned in the Malaysian man’s video.

“Like, yeah, you could grab me a loaf of bread. That would be amazing, but I do understand if not, because we did strip your country’s lands of their natural resources to expand our empire,” he said.

He also joked with the same deadpan expression that he did not do any of the colonising himself, but it was his great-grandad.


Ask us for favours instead #fyp #british #britishempire

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The response has since garnered many reactions from Malaysian netizens

One TikTok user asked England to compensate by giving Malaysians a 50% discount on concerts and flight tickets to the UK.

Image via @jackknightley (TikTok)

Another user blamed the British as the reason they have to learn history in school and demanded an apology.

Image via @jackknightley (TikTok)

Meanwhile, some users applauded him for being aware of what his ancestors did in the past.

Image via @jackknightley (TikTok)

Recently, a British travel writer praised Malaysia’s trains for their good service:

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